A bad credit catalogue for a fresh start in the New Year

A bad credit catalogue is a great solution if you have suffered like many others with bad credit,  you will understand how hard it is to gain any form of credit, even when you are in a better position financially than you were.  With a bad credit catalogue, you can find that the application process is very easy, and you will be given a decision in minutes. Every application for a bad credit catalogue will have a credit check but the lending decision is based on your current ability to repay your minimum payments each month.  Here are some of the best a bad credit catalogues with a high rate of bad credit applications accepted.


All the latest deals here with Bad Credit Catalogue

With a bad credit catalogue, you can still grab some amazing Christmas bargains, but apart from that, just by joining you can get a massive 30% off your first order.

  • Very 34.90%APR Both fashion and Home
  • Next 22.90%APR Mainly Fashion with limited Homewares
  • Look Again 34.90%APR Fashion with sister catalogues for Homewares
  • Grattan 34.90%APR Both fashion and Home
  • Kaleidoscope 34.90%APR Fashion with sister catalogues for Homewares
  • JD Williams 39.90%APR Both fashion and Home
  • Freemans 34.90%APR Both fashion and Home
  • Simply Be 39.90%APR Fashion with sister catalogues for Homewares
  • Fashion World 58.70%APR Both fashion and Home
  • Gifts365 34.90%APR Seasonal and Gifts
  • John Lewis 18.80%APR Both fashion and Home
  • Studio.co.uk 49.90%APR Seasonal and Gifts


With a bad credit catalogue your initial spend limit will be slightly lower than for those with good credit but with good account management your spend limit will increase very quickly.  This will give you the ability to buy high priced items without the need for a separate credit check.


All you need to do for a bad credit catalogue is have a few details to hand such as your address history and income details.  A bad credit catalogue will accept applicants on benefits as well. The process take minutes and you can use your bad credit catalogue in minutes from acceptance.


As well as having the benefits of a constant line of credit for goods and fashion you will have the convenience of home shopping at its best. Check out some of the extras you may not have considered with a bad credit catalogue

  • Fantastic delivery options from next day, stated day or standard from £3.99
  • Yearly delivery plans from £9.99 a year (£4.99 with a discount code)
  • No parking or fuel costs for shopping
  • No busy town centres
  • Try before you buy
  • 14 days to return or keep
  • Free returns
  • Regular discount codes on future orders


Once you start keeping your bad credit catalogue account in good order you will be surprised at the rate your spend limit will increase and you may well be accepted for future credit from other catalogues or credit cards. It is very important to know that using bad credit catalogues irresponsibly will  leave a track on your credit file and if this happens then any future credit will be even harder to find.

Bad Credit Catalogue
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