A bad credit catalogue is not settling for less!

A bad credit catalogue is not something you should believe is a low quality, high cost solution to a poor credit situation.  There are very few people who have not been affected by a financial dip at some point, and the credit score system is sometimes deemed as unfair and does not show your current financial situation.


Get your bad catalogue credit today!

What you may not realise is that a bad credit catalogue is just the same as an instant credit catalogue, but with a slightly lower spend limit initially. Here are just a few bad credit catalogues that are well known and full of quality products at great prices.

  • co.uk
  • Grattan
  • Freemans
  • Look Again
  • Kaleidoscope
  • Jacamo
  • Simply Be
  • Fashion World
  • Next


A bad credit catalogue is exactly the same as an instant credit catalogue, the application process is the same, and it is important to know that a credit check will be carried out.  The results of the credit check does not necessarily rule out your chances of acceptance as your current financial situation is taken into account and because catalogues are not governed by the same authorities as banks and money lenders they are able to make individual decisions.


With a bad credit catalogue, you will have:

  • Super quick application process, all you need are your bank, address and income details
  • Immediate spend limit up to £200
  • Simple personal online account to track orders, arrange returns and make payments
  • Flexible payments you can pay in full or spread payments
  • Four month interest free period
  • Massive discounts on first credit order
  • Regular discount codes and flash sales
  • Well known designer names and popular brands
  • Competitive pricing with the High Street
  • Next day deliveries and easy returns


The beauty of a bad credit catalogue is that it can actually start to heal your poor credit file.  While keeping a good account and making sure your payments are on time will start to increase your spend limit it will also show on your credit file that you are a responsible lender.  This can help make a credit file positive.

When you have had a bad credit catalogue for a short while you will be amazed at the speed your spend limit will be increased, if you pay off your account in full occasionally, this will make the increase even faster.  It is quite possible to have a £200 spend limit increased to £1500 over the course of 6 months.  This means that you will be able to purchase any item in a small amount of time including expensive home electronics and furnishings.

As well as being able to avoid the busy  High Streets and parking wars,  a bad credit catalogue is your guaranteed safety net should you have an emergency and need things that you don’t have the spare cash needed, for example a broken washing machine or a new outfit for a quick last minute  getaway.  Don’t let the term bad credit catalogue put you off, you are given the same treatment as every else and having one can actually turn your bad credit score to good.



Bad Credit Catalogue
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