A beginners guide to instant credit catalogues

To find the best instant credit catalogue for your exact requirements can be difficult when there are so many tempting offers on the TV and internet. We have taken the hard work from you and explored all the instant catalogues available and below you will find a simple guide to direct you to the best instant credit catalogue to fit your budget and lifestyle.

Instant credit catalogues will perform more than just a credit check, they will also perform eligibility checks to ensure you can afford the repayments. They will be looking at the following aspects to get a fuller picture of your circumstance and stability.

Information required for Instant Credit Catalogues

  • Total income and outgoings
  • Permanent UK address for the last 5 years
  • Number of dependents
  • Employment status
  • Relationship status
  • UK Bank account

As a general rule, the more stability you can show in your personal lifestyle such as the same address for a long time, having a regular income, and a current UK bank account will all score higher with an instant credit catalogue eligibility check.

All instant credit catalogues have interest rates as they are lenders, and unlike a bank that lends money and are governed by certain FCA rules (Financial Conduct Authority), they can adjust the interest rates to suit themselves. These interest rates will only usually apply once a period of interest free credit has passed and you have not paid the account in full by that time. You are usually given up to four months of instant free credit with regular instant credit catalogues.   The catalogues that offer a rent to buy, or a buy now pay later option, will have the interest added into the final total and you will be charged this from the start, or as soon as the payment delay terms are over.

Interest rates can be very varied. Below we have a list that gives you an idea of the range of APR rates to be found. It would seem that for a bad credit instant catalogue you are more likely to be accepted from an instant credit catalogues with a higher interest rate.

  • 9% APR – BrightHouse, Dial-A-TV
  • 7% APR – Fashion World,
  • 4% APR – Ace.co.uk, Studio Cards
  • 9% APR – Very.co.uk, La Redoute, JD Williams, Curvissa
  • 4% APR – Bon Prix, Freemans, Grattan, Kaleidoscope, Look Again, Swimwear 365
  • 9% APR – Argos
  • 9% APR – Simply Be, Jacamo
  • 9% APR – Next
  • 9% APR – John Lewis

Some instant credit catalogues are limited to fashion and clothing ranges only, others will have a mixture of both fashion and home wears. Depending on your needs the following instant credit catalogues are listed under the product ranges.

  • Fashion only Marisota, Premier Man, La Redoute, Curvissa
  • Home and electronics only BrightHouse, Dial-A-TV, Argos, House of Bath, Studio
  • All product ranges Bon Prix, Curvissa, Fashion World, Freemans, Grattan, Jacamo, JD Williams, John

Lewis, Kaleidoscope, Look Again, Marisota, Next, Premier man, Simply Be, Swimwear365, Very.co.uk

Instant credit catalogues are fantastic for more than just being able to offer the convenience of an instant credit line. Once you realise that home shopping is so easy you will wonder why you ever bothered to waste your time in crowded shopping centres. If your time is precious to you then here are lots of reasons to consider an instant credit catalogue.

  • Application process for an instant decision in minutes
  • You can order until 10pm at night for delivery the next day
  • You can have a parcel delivered to your door or another address for convenience
  • The Hermes Click and Collect parcel system is used with many catalogues
  • Some instant credit catalogues offer a yearly delivery subscription for less than £10 per year
  • First orders with a credit account usually have very good discounts of up to 30%
  • Personal credit account customers will have seasonal and birthday bonus discount codes to use
  • Easy to use online payment and ordering facilities
  • Increased credit limit with good repayment history
  • Many instant credit catalogues will accept bad credit applicants
  • Interest free payment periods of up to 4 months or buy now pay later, payment delay options

It is a myth that you are only able to find own brands and products of a lesser quality with instant credit catalogues. Many will have very well known designers among their fashion and accessory ranges, such as Michael Kors, Ted Baker, Nike and Hugo Boss to name but a few. The same applies to home electronic equipment and mobile phones like Samsung, Apple, JVC and Sony. For the home and kitchen, you can also find Kenwood, Hotpoint and Dyson. You will find an array of popular High Street names scattered throughout the pages, and the prices can be just as competitive as locally available products, and if you shop wisely and use your bonus discounts, or buy now pay later options, you may even make savings of over 30%, all delivered to your home by smiling couriers at a time and date to suit your diary.

You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain by having in instant credit catalogue in your life. The ability to shop 24 hours a day and a credit lifeline when funds are low can not be dismissed as unnecessary in the day to day life of the modern family. As with all credit, if you fall behind with payments you can find yourself paying more that the original price due to interest additions, but kept in good order, your personal credit account can be a helpful stepping stone for future credit if needed.



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