All you need to know about Bad Credit Catalogues

Bad Credit Catalogues

Having a blip on your credit history can often leave you without the ability for convenient credit purchases. This is also the same problem for those who have never had credit before.  If there is no information to make a credit decision, sometimes it can be just as bad as having a credit history that has been littered with defaults on payments.

Credit is now more achievable with catalogues that offer to consider bad credit customers, and is also a great way to build a credit history or make a fresh start with your credit file after a period of financial downturn.  You may find that there is a higher interest rate and a lower credit limit to start, but as you maintain your account with regular payments and no defaults then your future creditors are able to see that you are becoming credit worthy and you will then be able to build or rebuild your credit file.

There are many online Bad Credit Catalogues available, not all advertise this, but certain catalogues such as the JD Williams Catalogue Group or the Look Again catalogue with their nine sister catalogues that you are also able to order from if you have been accepted for a credit account.   As long as all payments are kept up to date and on time, your credit limit will increase over the months and years as trust is built.  The JD Williams Group and Look again groups have everything you would need for personal and family online shopping, with a great range of home and garden products.

To apply for one of these Bad Credit Catalogues you will have to give details that will be used for a credit and or eligibility check, and this search may be recorded in your file so it is advised that if one catalogue does not accept you, then it is vital that you do not reapply to another Bad Credit Catalogue in the same group, as the result will still be the same but will leave an added bad mark on your file.

For home and electronic products credit, you have the options of a rent to buy option from catalogues such as Brighthouse or Dial-a-TV.  These are primarily bad credit catalogues for sub prime customers and their credit decision is based on not only on an eligibility check but also from personal references or guarantors.  You will find that the price will be higher against other options such as store credit or bank loans, but to have either would imply that the credit rating is good to start with.    It is unfortunate that those with poor credit do end up paying over the average, but if the accounts are kept in line, this is about the only way to start rebuilding your credit file.

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Bad Credit Catalogue
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