Bad Credit Catalogue Summer savings

With life coming to a stand stop due to the current pandemic, individuals aren’t able to go high street and mall shopping like they could a couple of months ago. Due to not being able to get essential gifts and presents, for example, in real life, an alternative option is necessary. Knowing where to shop online can be tricky, and you need to take into consideration factors like shipping costs and how long the items will take to arrive. If only there was a simple and quick way to online shop!

Save this summer with catalogues for bad credit

It can be seen recently that online catalogue shopping had become increasingly popular, especially among younger generations. According to the Date & Marketing Association, the response among young people for catalogs has rocketed during the past few years. This spike in popularity has led to a higher demand, therefore products are becoming better than ever! But, catalogue shopping is online enjoyable if you have the money to do it, and if you have a bad credit score, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to join the group.

However, here at Accepted Catalogues, we view all customers as equal. That’s why we provide you with online bad credit catalogues, with hundreds of great quality items available. Anyone can succumb to bad credit, so this is why we don’t ask for your credit score, whatever it may be. We cater to your needs by having: zero credit checks, an 100% acceptance rate, and a buy now pay later scheme.

Due to a no credit check policy, we have an 100% acceptance rate with all our potential bad credit score customers who want to shop with us. You don’t have to worry anymore about your credit score affecting your ability to shop online, as you a secured a place and the chance to shop all our catalogues at Accepted Catalogues. Better yet, you can do this with your feet up on the sofa!


And last but not least, Accepted Catalogues also offers a buy now, pay later scheme, for those moments when you can’t always afford to buy your products immediately at the checkout. Sometimes your money is on its way but hasn’t quite made it yet, like pay day at the end of the month, so we’ve got your back covered. You have the option to pay back the money in weekly or monthly instalments, whatever is most convenient for you. And the great thing is, we don’t add any extra costs on top of when you need to pay your shopping back, so you don’t need to worry about any extra interest on your purchases. And, if you’d like, we offer a £2,500 credit availability, which allows you to purchase everything you want and need straight away.

Now, the important question is, what’s stopping you? Begin browsing our bad credit catalogues from home, no credit checks, an 100% acceptance rate, a buy now pay later scheme – the benefits go on! At Accepted Catalogues, we believe that everyone should get the products they want, regardless of their credit score. So, make your account in just five minutes, and reap the benefits immediately!

Bad Credit Catalogue
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