Bad Credit Catalogue with incredible extras

If you have had problems in the past with credit, or if like thousands of others, you have not had credit at all and are being penalised for not having a credit history, a bad credit catalogue is the best start to building a good credit file.  Once you prove you are committed to repaying your account regularly, this is then seen by future creditors and your score will go up.  Bad credit catalogues will accept applications based on your ability to pay back currently rather than just being based on a credit score.


Get all the extras with a bad credit catalogue

If you can produce the following, then the perfect bad credit catalogue is waiting for you, just a click away!

  • A stable UK address history for 5 years or more
  • Regular income, this can be from benefits as well as employment
  • A UK bank account
  • Over 18 years old

Bad credit catalogues do not heavily advertise the fact that they accept applicant with a poor credit history and can be found under the many instant credit catalogues to be found online. The best ones to start with for all round fashion and home selections are shown here.

  • Fashion World 70%APR
  • Premier Man 70%APR
  • JD Williams 90%APR
  • Freemans 90%APR
  • Grattan 90%APR
  • Look Again 90%APR
  • Next 90%APR

The interest rates should be taken into consideration, especially if you intend to spread the cost of purchases over a longer term than the interest free period that is usually offered, this can be up to 4 months.  In many bad credit catalogues after a period of time showing a good payment history you will be offered buy now pay later options where you are able to delay payments for up to 2 years, this will also delay the interest charges and can be a really good way of saving money and spreading the cost at the same time.

As well as getting you a step up on the credit ladder the hidden extras that go along with a bad credit catalogue are many.  You will be amazed with the amount of time using a catalogue to shop will free up for you.  Here are a few of the other benefits:

  • Amazing joining discounts
  • Instant spend limit
  • Flexible payments
  • Great discount codes regularly emailed
  • Well-known brand names
  • No fuel or parking costs
  • Try before you buy
  • Easy returns from your home or Click and Collect store
  • Late night ordering for next day delivery

With a personal credit account, you are able to pay your account whenever it suits, you are not tied to regular High Street banking and shopping time constrictions.  If you are paid weekly and you prefer to pay in line with your income than that is also fine, you can make as many payments each month as you like. As long as the minimum amount is a paid in good time, your credit rating will remain in good order and your spend limit will increase enabling you to buy more expensive home electronics or gaming consoles and mobile phones.

Bad Credit Catalogue
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