Bad Credit Catalogues all the way

There are many bad credit catalogues that are now available, especially when we are bombarded with advertising on the TV, in magazines, and all over the internet, it is not a surprise that today’s consumer will want to have access to the latest in fashion, modern home furnishings or the exciting array of technology that is now available. Having access to instant catalogue credit is the answer for many. If there has been a period of financial negativity on a credit report, this can make gaining instant catalogue credit to buy such items even harder. The label of bad credit covers everyone who has ever had a financial problem, no matter how big or small the amount, as well as those who have never had credit to base a score on.   As the majority of High Street lenders or stores that offer credit will only accept applications based solely on a good credit score, it is very hard to find a start onto the credit ladder.

Online Bad Credit Catalogues

This is where the online bad credit catalogues really come into their own. Since the late 60’s the credit catalogue has been around for friends and family to order from a main agent, but now with the introduction of the online shopping facilities, instant credit catalogues are more centered to personal accounts for individuals. Bad credit catalogues and instant credit catalogues are easy and quick to apply for and you are given an instant decision.   Although instant credit catalogues do not make a point of advertising that bad credit applications will be accepted, more bad credit applications are accepted with online catalogues than most other credit options. Initially if your credit score is very poor, you may be given a low spend limit with your chosen bad credit catalogue, but as you pay your statements in time, you will find your credit limit will soon get higher.

Having credit limiting options should not only be the reason to look at a bad credit catalogue, as they also provide a fantastic service. You can order 24 hours a day, and for many working people, this is a great way to shop, freeing up precious time to spend with family instead of a busy town centre.  With some bad credit catalogues, if you order before 10pm, you can have next day delivery to your home or a nominated click and collect point, and with many bad credit catalogues there is an option for a yearly delivery charge at less than £10, less than it would cost in parking for a month.  When all the costs associated with a local shopping trip are weighed up against online shopping, there are definite saving to be made. Together with huge discounts scattered throughout the year, of up to 40%, bad credit catalogues can really save money. When a bad credit catalogue account is maintained well, it will help to heal your credit file, and future lenders can see that you are responsible.

Having a bad credit able should not stop you from applying for an instant credit catalogue and enjoying the freedom of knowing you have a line of credit open when you just may need it most.

Bad Credit Catalogue
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