Bad Credit Catalogues, am I guaranteed acceptance?

In the modern world or finance and credit is unfortunate that a small blip in finances can have a detrimental effect on your credit file. It is easy to find initial credit, but it is not easy to rebuild a poor credit file. By using an online catalogue, not only will it give you the same choices as everyone else but will help to rebuild your file and start to cancel out previous damage.

There are many catalogues and websites offering bad credit catalogues and no credit check catalogues, but in reality, these catalogues will always make a credit search and if you are not accepted, can leave a footprint on your file for future creditors to see and make decisions on. It is very wise to check the most appropriate catalogue for your needs and not to make lots of applications.

Bad Credit Catalogues the smart way

Under no circumstances should you pay anything in advance, or give any card or bank details, over a website to gain access to a catalogue, as all catalogues use their own credit referencing and cannot be guaranteed through a third party. There are many unscrupulous websites offering all kinds of bad credit facilities, in fact they are just brokers and will take a commission, usually paid upfront with no guarantees. All of the catalogues on our site have their own registration process and acceptances are not guaranteed by us, we are just showing you the best way forwards for your situation. When you follow our links, you will be redirected to the catalogue of your choice and they will make their own decision.

Some catalogues such as Brighthouse also use references from friends and family to back up their registration process before they offer credit as often purchases made through Brighthouse are of a very high value. They have modern Smart TVs and the latest in home furnishings, these are available with other online catalogues, but you will start at a smaller credit limit, unable to use for high value items initially. Knowing that the Brighthouse catalogue will contact friends or family to discuss your account is often enough to make sure that your payments are always on time. Dial-a-TV is also another catalogue to offer high value items like home appliances, but these are considered to be rented until the last payment is made. You will have to pay interest on all payments from the beginning with this type of catalogue, but you can upgrade your items with very little fuss over the course of the account.

If you are just looking for a basic catalogue that will give you access to fashion and clothing for the family with a high chance of being accepted then catalogues such as Look Again, Fashion World and Littlewoods are a few of the better ones that will accept most bad credit situations. These catalogues will have a good home and leisure section, but with your initial credit limit being probably less than £200, it will take a while before you are able to buy more expensive items. The beauty of having an online catalogue and building up your credit limit over time is that it will show positively on your credit file and future creditors will see that you are sustaining a credit account in good health. There are some groups of catalogues such as JD Williams or Look Again, that will allow you access to their other affiliate catalogues and use the same account for purchases from across the group. This is very helpful as they often have flash sales or discount codes.

Most online catalogues will offer instant credit, and this is the same if you are accepted with bad credit. You will be given an initial spend limit and a personal account. All purchases are added to the account and then a minimum payment will be asked for each month. As long as the minimum payment is always made on time, you will remain in good credit health. If you can pay off in full, you will find that your credit limit will be raised quicker. You will always be offered a period of interest free payments, but if you only pay the minimum amount on your statement, you will find that your payments will increase as they will add interest after the agreed payment weeks have run out. This is where you can find yourself in trouble, so it is always sensible to check the interest rates your catalogue is offering, and use the interest free period to make sure that you repay the entire account before this kicks in.

The catalogues with the highest interest rates will usually be ones who consider applications from bad credit customers, but this does not mean that you will have to pay the interest as long as your account is kept up to date and paid off in time. If you are sensible with your budgeting, you can maintain a solid account and enjoy the freedom of the buy now pay later system and it is great to have this as a back up to your daily living as you can always use a catalogue account in times of emergencies like a broken washing machine or new school shoes. Many modern UK households have at least one catalogue for their home shopping needs, and as online shopping is now taking over the High Street, it is important that those with bad credit can also enjoy the freedom and convenience that online shopping brings.

Over time you will be offered higher credit limits and your credit rating will also increase. This will be on view to other future potential lenders should you be looking for longer term finance like a mortgage. A healthy credit score will benefit you not only short term but can save you thousands in interest payments over longer term financial commitments as you will be able to choose the better options to suit yourself rather than having to put up with poor credit penalties.   There is never a better time to start building a good credit history than straight away.

Bad Credit Catalogue
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