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A bad credit catalogue could easily be one of the best things to happen if you have ever had credit issues in the past. A bad credit catalogue is far easier to come by than you may have previously thought, and with such a great selection to choose from you will be amazed that all the popular brands you find in your High Street or shopping centres will be found in a bad credit catalogue. Not only that, you will also find that the prices are as competitive and often cheaper when you apply one of the many discount codes you are sent over the year by email when you open a personal credit account.   Some of the most popular instant credit catalogues listed below are likely to accept bad credit applications.

Most Popular Instant Credit Catalogues

  • Bon Prix 90%APR
  • Curvissa 40%APR
  • Fashion World 70%APR
  • Freemans 90%APR
  • Grattan 90%APR
  • Jacamo 90%APR
  • JD Williams 90%APR
  • Kaleidoscope 90%APR
  • La Redoute 90%APR
  • Look Again 90%APR
  • Marisota 70%APR
  • Premier man 70%APR
  • Simply Be 90%APR
  • Studio 40%APR
  • Swimwear365 90%APR

Many of the bad credit catalogues available will have a selection of both fashion and home items for purchase on your credit account, and if not, they may have sister or affiliate catalogues that you are able to order from with the one personal account. Your interest free terms and flexible payments will still be the same, but you will have a much wider choice of products. The Look Again group and JD Williams group all have sister catalogues. The beauty of having a bad credit catalogue, is not only do you get to enjoy the same spending opportunity as those with good credit, but you will also start to fix any credit issues you may have by keeping a bad credit catalogue account in good order, by never missing payments and wherever possible paying off your account in full. This will show any future creditors that you are very capable of being a responsible lender.

When you first open up a personal credit account with a bad credit catalogue you will inevitably be given a huge joining discount. This can mean a fantastic saving, sometimes up to 30%, and there are also some fantastic delivery opportunities to be had as well, some offer free delivery on orders all the time, some only with bonus codes, and others have a yearly delivery payment that will give you unlimited deliveries and returns for a year. All the bad credit catalogue listed below will have the same offers on their sister sites also.

  • Fashion World – 30% off first credit order
  • Freemans – 25% off first credit order/ free delivery at all times
  • Grattan – 25% off first credit order/free delivery at all times
  • Kaleidoscope – 25% off first credit order
  • Look Again – 25% off first credit order
  • Bon Prix – 25% first credit order and free delivery

Bad credit catalogue discount codes are also a great thing to receive throughout the year, the latest ones are centred around the World Cup, offering up to 19.66% discounts for all orders until midnight for each match while the England team stays in the competition. This is great news for anyone not interested in watching the match! There are birthday bonuses, flash sales and a lot of 2 for 1 offers. Shopping with a bad credit catalogue can be a convenient and less costly way to make a lot of necessary purchases without leaving the home. This frees up time spent in busy shopping centres, frustrating parking and leave more time for the important things in life like family and friends.

Together with the massive range of home and electronic brands you will also find lots of clothing brands that you would only usually find in a town centre or department store. A bad credit catalogue will cater for the whole family, from maternity to baby wear, school uniforms to prom dresses, along with fantastic women and menswear. The majority of bad credit and instant credit catalogues will also have clothes sizes in a much wider range, often up to a women’s UK size 32. With online instant credit catalogues do they understand and have captured the plus size clothing markets, far more than the town centre stores. Here are some of the more popular names found in a bad credit catalogue.

  • Sony
  • Apple
  • Samsung
  • Kenwood
  • BaByliss
  • Bang & Olufsen
  • Burberry
  • Carolina Herrera
  • Coast
  • Dolce & Gabbana
  • French Connection
  • Hugo Boss

If you have been thinking about taking on a bad credit catalogue then there is no better time to do it than right now, with so many big sporting events and national holidays on the horizon, the joining discounts and bonus codes will help you shop through the summer without breaking the bank all from the comfort of a sun longer!

Bad Credit Catalogue
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