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With the UK lockdown being lengthened until further notice, online shopping is the only way for individuals to buy the things they need. Whether this be a birthday or anniversary gift, online shopping is the way to go for the time being. In normal times, major town centres are usually super packed and become uncomfortable places to shop. But especially in times like these, busy centres are not the ideal situation when it comes to shopping. However, online shopping is only an option if you have a good credit score.

Don’t let lockdown and bad credit stop your bad credit catalogue shopping!

Shopping is made even more tricky if you are someone who struggles with a bad credit score. As someone with low credit, the chances of you purchasing items that are on the more expensive side are low too. But, here at Accepted Catalogues, we specialise in bad credit catalogues, which means we offer those with bad credit in the UK hundreds of online catalogues to browse and shop from. By providing bad credit catalogues, we enable hundreds of people like you, to be able to shop online just like everybody else.

Here at Accepted Catalogues, we view all customers on an equal playing field. That’s why we provide you with online bad credit catalogues, with hundreds of great quality items available. Anyone can succumb to bad credit, so this is why we don’t ask for your credit score, whatever it may be. We enforce this no credit check policy because we don’t see it as an important detail for when you sign up to start shopping with us. Now is your chance to start online catalogue shopping with hundreds of our bad credit catalogues.

Due to a no credit check policy, we have an 100% acceptance rate with all our potential bad credit score customers who want to shop with us. No longer do you have to worry about your credit score affecting your ability to shop online, as you a secured a place and the chance to shop all our catalogues at Accepted Catalogues.

And we have saved the best for last – we also provide a buy now pay later scheme for all of our customers. If you’re concerned that you won’t be able to pay for your items immediately at the checkout basket, don’t fret – our buy now, pay later scheme enables you to pay back the cost of your items at a later date if you are unable to pay for them straight away. Whether this is in weekly or monthly instalments, that’s completely up to you. And, we don’t charge any interest on the items that you’re paying back for, so there is no need to worry about paying more than you expected.

So, we hope that we covered all bases when it comes to bad credit online catalogue shopping. It takes just three minutes to sign up and join Accepted Catalogue, and remember, our zero credit check policy, 100% acceptance rate and buy now pay later scheme is guaranteed for you. Not to forget, super quick delivery that’ll have your products at your doorstep in no time! Start your bad credit catalogue shopping journey today and discover the wonders within a few clicks!


Bad Credit Catalogue
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