Bad Credit Catalogues are everywhere. It seems almost every other TV commercial we see is centred around online catalogues. From fashion conscious Fern Cotton advertising and the lovely Lorraine Kelly with JD Williams to seasonal catalogues such as Studio cards and Curvissa who have a massive advertising push at the right time of years for their more seasonal products.

No Credit Check Catalogue

No Credit Check Catalogues in the UK – What is not advertised is their acceptance rates for bad credit catalogue applications. You will find that you are far more likely to be accepted with an online catalogue retailer than with many shops and department stores in your local area if you have a negative entry on your file and find yourself with a bad credit label. The online catalogue world tends to accept their customers based on their ability to repay rather than just the number on your credit report. There is no such thing as a no credit check  catalogue, and there are many websites that seem to guarantee this. In reality each catalogue has their own credit referencing process and is never guaranteed by a third party website.

Home and fashion catalogues have been around since the late 1960’s and have grown with the introduction of the online apps and fast payment facilities now available to us all. Their competitive nature and massive joining discounts or offers are all helping the average person to shop with convenience in their own time, and in some cases offer a lifeline of credit where other creditors have rejected due to a blip on a credit file. You will find that once you have been accepted for a Bad Credit Catalogue, you have the options for easy delivery and returns, along with an increasing credit limit the longer you keep the account in good order.

It is well worth applying for a Bad Credit Catalogue offering instant credit, their applications are quick and easy, and you will have a decision within minutes in most cases. Your original credit limit may be low, but this will always be made higher by maintaining monthly payments and settling your account faster.

You will also find a wide range of interest rates across the selections of catalogues on offer. Each catalogue will have their own rates, and this will apply to all their affiliate catalogues as well. For example, Kaleidoscope has 9 other sister, or affiliate catalogues within its group, this includes Look Again, Swimwear365 and Curvissa. They have an interest rate set at 34.9% APR and if you have a personal account with one of the group you can have purchasing access to all the others. This gives you a greater variety of products on offer, not just fashion, but home and garden items as well. Being able to have just one account and being able to budget in advance with regular monthly statements is a great help to busy families who just don’t have the time to walk the high street trawling for bargains. With the delivery and discount options available very often you can find much the same products, at lower prices in comparison, plus saving the most precious item of all… time!


Bad Credit Catalogue
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