Bad credit catalogues the way you want

bad credit catalogue are here at Accepted Catalogue, we understand how life can get the better of you when it comes to your weekly shop or when you have to buy gifts for people on special occasions. Shopping on the high streets, and online, can be incredibly time-consuming as well which just may not be an easy option if you’re have a busy schedule.

Bad credit catalogues never looked so good

Catalogue shopping is becoming an increasingly popular form of shopping, with online shopping worldwide retailers in 2019 being at 16%, compared to a mere 9% in 2012. This means that more and more retailers are placing their goods online as they are becoming increasingly aware of the popularity of shopping online rather than in person.

Having goods delivered to your doorstep is easier said than done if you suffer from a low credit score, or don’t have the funds currently to pay for the items you need. That’s why, here at Accepted Catalogue with our bad credit catalogues, we believe in these three things:

  • Zero credit checks
  • 100% acceptance rate
  • A buy now pay later scheme

Due to us specifying in bad credit catalogues, we simply don’t see the need in asking for your credit score. We don’t believe that it is a valid form of security or a necessary factor when you set up your bad credit catalogue account with us. Instead, we simply take a few personal details from you in order to build your account. We view all of our customers the same, whether you have bad credit or not.

Because of our zero credit check policy in the beginning of your set-up, and throughout, we therefore offer our customers an 100% acceptance rate. This means that you can rid yourself of worries of not being accepted and instead get browsing through hundreds of our catalogues from the comfort of your own home today.

If you cannot afford to pay for your bad credit catalogue shopping instantly, then not to worry. We offer a £2,500 credit availability, so you can get absolutely everything you need and more instantly. You can pay back the cost of your bad credit catalogue products in instalments or at a later date when you can, with 0% extra fees on your items. This means that you don’t have to worry about extortionate fees being added to your re-payment costs, and instead you can simply back it back when you can. If for some reason, you don’t like your products or items, then it is easy to send them back should you need to.

We hope that these three incentives show how bad credit catalogue shopping can influence your life for the better. Not to mention that you can browse these catalogues when you’re relaxing at home, and we are constantly updating our website and catalogues to bring you the latest and best products and discounts. This means you can really get the best deals for your money and not feel that you have to get lesser quality products because of your credit score or financial situation. Create your account with us today in our easy 3 minute set-up process and reap the benefits today!

Bad Credit Catalogue
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