Bad credit catalogues to suit your needs!

Online shopping is the newest way to order shopping to your doorstep without even leaving the house. In particular, catalogue shopping provides families and individuals with an easy alternative to high street shopping, saving time and energy for those with a busy life schedule. Many people simply don’t have the time, especially with work and family commitments that take up a lot of time and energy. In particular, online catalogue shopping has become increasingly popular among this demographic.

However, catalogue shopping is only enjoyable if you have the right funds and a good credit score. If you are someone with a bad credit score, catalogue shopping isn’t as easy. As someone with low credit, the chances of you purchasing items that are on the more expensive side are low too. But, here at Accepted Catalogues, we specialise in bad credit catalogues, which means we offer those with bad credit hundreds of online catalogues to browse and shop from. Our goal is to help you take the stress of shopping with bad credit away.

Get all the items you need with bad credit catalogues!

We believe everybody has the right to shop for what they want, when they want. Not only this, but we have:

  • Zero credit checks
  • 100% acceptance rate
  • A buy now pay later scheme

At Accepted Catalogues, we don’t ask for you credit score. When you sign up for an account with us, there are zero credit checks at the start, and throughout. It is in our interest to help you receive the items you want and need, regardless of what your credit score might be. You no longer have to be concerned about not being able to catalogue shop with us, as our target audience is those who suffer from a bad credit score.

The fact that we don’t check credit scores means we can safely say we have an 100% acceptance rate with all of our potential customers. This means you will be ensured an account with us whenever you decide to join, and don’t have to fret about not being accepted.

Although you’ll be able to join with no checks and a bad credit score, there might be another problem you face – not being able to afford the products you want and need on time. But, here at Accepted Catalogue, we provide you with a buy now pay later scheme with every single one of our amazing catalogues. If you can’t pay for your items immediately, we provide you with the opportunity to pay later when you can, whatever this be in weekly or monthly instalments is up to you! And the best part about it is, we don’t add any extra costs on top of when you need to pay your shopping back, so there is no need to worry about paying more than you expected. So, you can finally start shopping from catalogues from the comfort and wellbeing of your own home, and have it delivered to your doorstop.

We really hope that Accepted Catalogue has what your looking for. The process is easy, and can be done in under just 5 minutes. With hundreds of bad credit catalogues to shop from, amazing benefits and super quick delivery, you can enjoy all this here at Accepted Catalogues today – we hope to start shopping with you soon!

Bad Credit Catalogue
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