Bad Credit Catalogues, What’s The Fuss?

Though you may not have heard of a bad credit catalogue specifically, you are sure to have heard of pay monthly catalogues and buy now pay later shopping options. These are all becoming increasingly popular, as more and more shoppers realise that there are a number of fantastic benefits to enjoy. It is these benefits that make many shoppers favour using catalogue credit over other methods of payment. However, if you are someone who has a poor credit rating, you may have been turned down by some credit catalogues in the past. Though this can be disheartening, there are other options. This is where bad credit catalogues come in.


A Bad Credit Catalogue Is Right For You If…


  • You Have a Poor Credit Score or a Bad Credit Rating – It may seem as though having a poor credit score or a bad credit rating is the end of the world when it comes to using a credit catalogue, but this isn’t always the case. Bad credit catalogues have been designed with those with poor credit ratings in mind, which means almost everyone who applies gets accepted. So, regardless of your credit history, you can still benefit from credit catalogues and shopping with credit.


  • You Need a More Affordable Way to Shop – As we all know, shopping is extremely expensive and it’s rarely affordable. However, bad credit catalogues offer a more affordable way to buy the items you need. By offering a range of incentives and monthly payment options, you can benefit from a much more affordable way to shop. Instead of worrying about being able to afford the things you need, you can make your purchases knowing that you can afford it.


  • You’re New to Shopping Using Credit – If you are new to shopping using credit, you are likely to enjoy using a bad credit catalogue. Whereas some credit catalogues have extremely high standards of who they accept, bad credit catalogues do not. This means that even though you have not have shopped with credit before and don’t have experience, you can get started immediately. There’s no need to worry about having limited knowledge of catalogue credit, as bad credit catalogues have been created with this in mind.


  • You’re Struggling to Afford the Items You Need – There comes a time when most of us will struggle to afford the items we need; this is especially true if you have cash flow problems or an entire family to feed. Luckily, a bad credit catalogue offers a solution to this. By splitting the payments over a number of months, you only need to focus on each month’s payment at a time. Instead of worrying about affording the total price, you can simply pay a much smaller amount.


  • Your Budget Doesn’t Stretch As Far As You Need It To – Regardless of what your budget or income is, at some point you’ll probably find that it doesn’t stretch as far as you need it to. This could be because your expenses have increased or because you are facing unexpected financial costs. To help with this, a lot of people choose to shop using a bad credit catalogue. Rather than your budget needing to stretch a lot in one particular month it can stretch slightly over the course of a lot longer, such as 12 or 24 months. This is a much more affordable way to shop.


  • You Don’t Have Savings to Buy an Expensive Item – It can be very difficult to save money, especially when day to day costs can all add up. This can become a problem when you need to buy an expensive item, such as a sofa or refrigerator, and don’t have savings to fall back on. Rather than waiting to get your hands on a much needed item, with a bad credit catalogue you can buy it straight away and pay at a later date. Not only does this ensure you are able to buy what you need, it cuts down on the time you need to spend saving. There’s no need to wait or delay buying the things you need.


  • You’d Rather Split Your Costs Over a Longer Period of Time – Though bad credit catalogues are designed for those with lower budgets and those who are struggling to afford the items they need, they are also used by people who simply want to split their costs over a longer period of time. Even if you do have the funds to purchase the things you need to, you may simply prefer to split the cost over the course of a few months. This could help you to keep your monthly expenses low and can help you to better manage your money.


  • You Don’t Want to Take Out a Loan – Bank loans aren’t for everyone, as it’s very easy to spend the money on items you do not need. However, with bad credit catalogues, there are limits and restrictions. For example, the credit must be spent on items from the specific catalogue. This can help you to keep your spending under control.


Sign Up to a Bad Credit Catalogue Today

A lot of people make the mistake of assuming that signing up to a bad credit catalogue is difficult, but it really isn’t it. In fact, the process of getting started with a bad credit catalogue is very straightforward and easy. As bad credit catalogues have been designed with poor credit ratings in mind, there’s no need to wait and worry about whether or not you will be accepted. This is because almost all shoppers do, regardless of their credit score.


By taking away this uncertainty, all you need to do is sign up and begin shopping. Then, when you make a purchase, it’ll all be taken care of by the bad credit catalogue and you just need to focus on your future repayments. It really is just a case of signing up, shopping and buying; that’s all there is to it!

Bad Credit Catalogue
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