Best Bad Credit Catalogues

If you have a bad credit file and you have been searching to find the best bad credit catalogue for your needs, here are a few tips to help find the best solution for your situation. Bad credit catalogues are fairly easy to find and although they may not advertise that they will take applications from bad credit applicants. A bad credit catalogue will make a decision based not only on your credit score but also your ability to repay. This is called an eligibility check. There is no truth that you can get an instant credit catalogue without a credit check, as this will always be carried out, but some catalogues have lower criteria than others and you may be surprised at just how easy it is to gain an instant credit catalogue with a bad credit history.

You will undoubtedly find that the bad credit catalogues usually have a higher interest rate than other instant credit catalogues, and the initial credit limit will be less than £200. This will increase as you show you can pay your statements on time, and if you pay more than the minimum monthly amount each time you will find that your spend limit will increase very quickly. It is not unusual to open an account with a small credit limit but be increased to over £1000 within 6 months.

Best Bad Credit Catalogue

A great bad credit catalogues to start with is Look Again, this is an instant credit catalogue, and it also has the advantage of having 9 other catalogues in their group. Other catalogues include Kaleidoscope, Curvissa and Swimwear365. They all have the same interest rate of 34.9%APR and you are able to use your one account to shop over all their affiliate catalogues with the same payment and delivery options. The Look Again group of instant credit catalogues will have a great discount on your first order when opening a credit account, and you will also enjoy a period of up to 3 months of interest free payments. If you pay your items off in time you will never have to worry about the interest being added to your account. Over the range of catalogues in the group you will find not only High Street brands for fashion and the home, you will also be able to purchase more expensive home electronics on buy now pay later terms once you have increased your credit limit and shown that you are a responsible lender.

There are quicker ways of purchasing higher priced items if you have bad credit for example, the buy to rent bad credit catalogues such as Brighthouse or Dial-a-TV will accept bad credit applications, but their credit check process will include references from family and friends if your history is especially poor. The interest rates for these types of bad credit catalogue is very high, at around 69.9% APR, there will be no period of free interest with these contracts and the final amount payable including interest is calculated from the beginning.   Often using a catalogue such as this can find you paying double with the high interest rates, but with a poor credit history often there are very few options for a higher level of credit.

Bad Credit Catalogue
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