Catalogue Credit For The Move

You’ve just bought your first flat.  It went through court yesterday and you’re very excited!  You’re living with your parents at the moment, though, because you can’t move in until you’ve furnished the place.  You’ve got some pieces of furniture that your parents can give you (you’ll have to up-cycle them to make them more modern!) but you don’t have a bed, sofa or anything for the kitchen.  You’ve been down to the local charity shop but everything looks like it’s from the 1980s and you want as much of a modern vibe in your new place as possible; brown floral crockery just won’t do!  Your parents have already lent you money for the legal fees and deposit for your flat so you can’t ask them to lend you more to furnish it and you don’t have a credit card.  The thing is, the longer the flat is unfurnished, the longer you have to live with your parents.  You’re just so looking forward to having your own space that you want to move in to your flat as soon as possible!  You’re not sure what to do, but you hatch a plan.

Catalogue Credit is the right move

Your cousin, Holly, bought a place a few months ago.  You bet that she didn’t lots of spare cash lying around to furnish it, and you know she didn’t get her sofa and kitchen things from the charity shop because they’re ultra modern, so you give her a call and ask how she managed to get all the things she needed.  After a long chat and a catch up about things generally, she tells you that she bought most things for her flat with catalogue credit UK.  You didn’t even realise there was such a thing.  Holly tells you all about catalogue credit and how she managed to obtain enough instant catalogue credit to buy a bed, mattress, sofa and some basic bits and bobs to kit out her kitchen.  She lives by herself so she didn’t need to go mad with lots of plates and cups etc.  She said that the catalogue she used that she was given the catalogue credit UK for had a mid season sale on, so she managed to get most of her furniture half price.  It’s decent quality and looks great too.  You’ve been round to her place a few times.  The catalogue also does basic crockery and cutlery sets, and she used the catalogue credit to get some great all in one saucepan sets for cooking (not that you do much of that…a microwave might come in handy, though!).  Holly says it can all be done online and the application process is quick and easy.  There are even regular money saving incentives once you’ve got your account open.

So, you speak to your parents about it and they think it’s a great idea.  You’ve never had a credit card or a loan (until the whacking big mortgage you’ve just signed up for!) and your dad says that, because you have never borrowed money before, when you apply for catalogue credit in the UK your credit rating might not show up as favorably as someone’s who regularly borrows and pays back loans, credit cards or catalogue credit accounts.  Nevertheless, you get on the computer and start having a look to see what’s available.

You go towards catalogues offering instant catalogue credit but that also offer the type of goods you’re looking for.  You see catalogue credit in the UK so you have a look at that one because that’s what Holly said she used.  Looks good.  You read the “frequently asked questions” section to find out about how credit ratings affect the offer of catalogue credit.  Some catalogues offering catalogue credit in the UK require a credit check, BUT you see some that don’t require any checks and are listed as bad credit catalogues.  Catalogue credit is guaranteed on the particular site you end up on.  You don’t have bad credit as such, it’s just because you haven’t borrowed before and you understand that.  How would the catalogue know that you are able to pay the money back?  That sounds like the safest bet (the catalogue credit is guaranteed after all!) and when you’ve got catalogue credit from a bad credit catalogue, furnished your flat with the basics, built up your credit rating and have got used to paying your mortgage, bills, your parents and the monthly catalogue credit payment, you will have built up your credit rating.  Looking at the frequently asked questions again on the bad credit catalogue website, it says that the level of catalogue credit offered can increase over time if regular payments are kept up.  So, you won’t have long to wait until you can start buying other things to slowly build up the furniture in your flat.  You’ll also look at setting up a direct debit so that you make sure you make your payments on time.

You proceed to through the application process for the bad credit catalogue.  As Holly had said about when she applied for catalogue credit in the UK, the process for applying for catalogue credit from a bad credit catalogue is quick and easy.  All the information you have to fill in is simple and, before long, you’ve completed the form and….ta dah! you have instant credit.  It’s more than you were expecting and at 0% interest if you keep up the monthly payments!  Now you’re even more excited!  After a few minutes, you have access to your catalogue credit account and you immediately get on and start adding things to your shopping basket.  You’ll be able to get more with your catalogue credit than you were hoping for which is great.  The catalogue website is simple to navigate and if you have any questions you see there is a help section.  But everything is clear and not at all confusing.  You go through the purchase process and your new things will be with you before you know it!  Now all you need to do is get on with organising your flat warming party!


Bad Credit Catalogue
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