Your wife has been decorating the interior of the house. That would be fine but, despite saying she’d run the colours passed you, she painted the living room purple, and the kitchen and dining room pink! PINK! So, you’ve decided you need your own space and, with the summer coming up, you quickly plan to do up the garden. That means you can get a “man shed”. Just for you…and it won’t be purple or pink.   You don’t want to be childish but you might even get a sign for the door saying “no women”. In fact, that won’t work, you’ll have to lock it to stop your wife and the kids going in and being nosey.

Anyway, the issue is that you’re only working part time at the moment due to health reasons and your income is lower than it was last year. You don’t have the cash lying around to be able to buy your dream shed, an awesome BBQ, a garden table and chair set and an umbrella (probably an outdoor heater too; despite it being summer, you do live in the UK after all).

You don’t want to let your wife know that you’re planning this. You know she’ll be pleased when you’ve had the gardener in to tidy things up in the garden and she sees the table and chair set and BBQ. You can get a few pots with flowers in from the local garden centre too. The downside of not telling her is you can’t get ideas for where to get the money from. You’re off round to your brother’s house tonight, though, so you can bounce a few ideas off him.

When you tell your brother about your plan, he immediately suggests catalogue credit UK. He used catalogue credit UK to buy his mobile phone and a tablet for his girlfriend. He said you get instantly approved for catalogue credit and it will definitely be enough to get all the furniture you want for the garden. The catalogue he used to get the phone and tablet gave him 25% off his first order. Catalogue credit UK sounds perfect. You’re now imagining how big a shed you can actually get!! Maybe it’ll actually be bigger than the stupid purple living room!

Catalogue Credit solves the problem

You mention about your low income and your brother said that won’t be a problem. He got his catalogue credit from a bad credit catalogue. He went a bit nuts with his credit card a couple of years ago and didn’t always make the monthly payments and it affected his credit rating. He said there aren’t any credit checks when applying for catalogue credit from the bad credit catalogue he used because approval is guaranteed no matter how bad your credit history is. You have to be a UK resident, over 18 years of age and agree to the terms and conditions on the website.   He also says as long as you know that you can make the reasonable monthly payments, you should be fine. Great!

Your brother is happy to show you how the application process for getting catalogue credit from a bad credit catalogue works so you hop onto his girlfriend’s tablet. You find a site straight away and read through the page. It tells you that you’ll be instantly approved for quite a nice amount (more than you thought) without any credit checks. 100% of applications are approved so you don’t have to worry about completing numerous application forms until you get approval for catalogue credit from one of the catalogues. Although your brother showed you which website to go on to read about catalogue credit UK, it certainly wouldn’t have been hard to find yourself. You would just have had to put in catalogue credit, bad credit catalogue or catalogue credit UK and it would have given you more results but this way you cut out the middle man (the search engine in this case). Everything is really easy so far. If you’re stuck with anything or you’re not sure how catalogue credit works, there is a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions section which covers everything you’d want to know. The page also boasts that the customer service is excellent!

The catalogue that your brother got his phone from also does garden sheds and furniture and is still offering 25% off new customers’ first credit order. You decide to complete that online application form. The information needed is simple and you didn’t have to wait to get home to dig documentation out to get it. The steps are: apply online, get access to your account, start shopping. As the Jackson Five sang, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! It only takes a few minutes after registration for your email to come through giving you access to your bad credit catalogue account fully loaded with your personal catalogue credit.   You’ll wait until you get home and order what you want in the morning. You have to spend some time choosing the right shed. After all, you’ll probably be spending quite a bit of time in there. You sleep well that night dreaming about your new man shed and imagining all the grilling on your new BBQ you’ll be doing. You just hope you don’t get a grilling from your wife when she finds out how you paid for all the new garden furniture! You’re hoping she’ll think catalogue credit is as great as you do.

When you log back in in the morning, a second offer pops up so you accept that too. This just gets better and better! You enjoy the morning browsing through the online catalogue. Now that you know you have guaranteed catalogue credit UK, you don’t have to worry about paying for everything all at once. The monthly payments for the amount of catalogue credit you’ve been given are perfectly manageable and you will set up a direct payment for each month going forward so that you know it’s covered.   You add what you want to the online shopping basket and check out. You tick the option to add your order to your credit account and it’s all done. Now you just have to tell your wife. Hmm, maybe you’ll wait until the new garden furniture gets here. Then you can hide in your shed if she gets angry with you!

Bad Credit Catalogue
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