Competitive Instant credit catalogues

If you are one of the many clever shoppers out there, you will know that an instant credit catalogue is one of the best ways to purchase not only fashion and footwear, but home and electronic goods at much discounted prices with great repayment terms to suit your budget. What may be the most surprising aspect of this is that the goods on offer from instant credit catalogues are of the best quality and even high end products can be found at amazing prices.  Although it is true that the instant catalogues carry a lot of quality and on-trend own brands but loaded throughout their ranges you will find impressive names such as Apple, Samsung and Bang&Olufsen within the technology sections, and Armani, Joe Brown and Kath Kidston amongst the cutting edge designer names.


Beat the crowed with instant credit catalogues

An easy way of using an instant credit catalogue to achieve the very best price would be to do a quick search for the best prices for the item you want, an example below:


  • JD Williams – £45.00 – plus 25% joining discount (£33.75)
  • Curry’s – £49.00
  • eBay – £45.00 + Postage
  • Debenhams – £70.00
  • Asda – £79.76
  • Superdrug – £79.99
  • Boots – £79.99

If you take into consideration the amount of time you would spend walking around shelves of beauty products to find the exact hair straighteners, you would probably end up buying a lesser quality product at the same price because boredom would overcome the pocket.  With instant credit catalogues, you can find the right product within minutes.  All products in an instant credit catalogue are sectioned and easy to find on the dropdown online menu.  Each section is broken down to individual categories and you are taken to the entire range on one page, with easy to use filters to show you customer reviews and prices at a glance.  You are more likely to buy higher quality products using an instant credit catalogue as you have great comparison tools at your fingertips.

Once you have purchased your chosen item from an instant credit catalogue you can then expect:

  • Free or discounted delivery options
  • Easy returns within 14 days
  • Interest free period of up to 4 months
  • Flexible payment options to pay in full or by instalments
  • Protection by the DSR (Distant Selling Regulations)
  • Bonus discount codes to use on future purchases

As well as making great savings by using instant credit catalogues, you are also given your time back, and this can be priceless.  Your goods are delivered at times to suit you, or to be collected form a nominated Hermes Click and Collect point.  You can make payments and orders at any time day or night and keep up to date with current trends without having to leave the house.

There are very few items not available with an instant credit catalogues and with instant online decisions and an immediate send limit, it is no wonder why the savvy shoppers are spending wisely online rather than standing in busy shopping queues and fighting through crowded shopping centres!


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