Cosy up with an instant credit catalogue this winter

An instant credit catalogue is for you if the thoughts of joining the many thousands of Christmas shoppers about to congregate on the High Street for the next few months. With the worsening British weather,  home shopping is just one of the reasons that an instant credit catalogue can be your easiest route through the oncoming Christmas rush.


Skip the shopping rush with instant credit catalogue!

With an instant credit catalogue, you have the best of both worlds, the latest trends from the High Street plus the comfort of trying the clothes at home.  The misconception of instant credit catalogues is that the cost of items are higher. This is very far from the truth. With an instant credit catalogue, you will have massive joining discounts and regular discount codes and you can actually save money against High Street prices.  The only reason you would pay more than the initial product price is if you incur interest charges when spreading payments past the interest free period. When this happens, your monthly statements for your instant credit catalogue will clearly show the interest you have incurred, and the minimum monthly payment you need to make.


With an interest free period of up to four months it is very easy to pay off the majority of products you purchase, however if you do purchase high priced items such as home furnishings and home electronics which may take longer to pay off, you will still only pay the interest on the amount outstanding each month, rather than having an agreed interest payment added in advance like the majority of hire purchase agreements.  If you pay your item off in good time then your interest charges will cease.


Here are a few more other fantastic reasons you may not have considered when choosing an instant credit catalogue:

  • Immediate spend limit, quickly increasing after a few months of good repayments
  • Simple online personal account
  • Fantastic delivery options, and money saving yearly delivery plans
  • No hassle free and convenient returns
  • Ongoing discount bonuses
  • Flash sales and great clearance sections
  • Flexible payments, 24 hours a day


If you take into consideration the general cost of a shopping trip, to include transport or fuel costs, parking charges and the time taken to make a shopping trip, often needing childcare, an instant credit catalogue is by far the best way to browse a range of quality items, to compare the best prices and to take delivery, all at a time to suit you, first and foremost.


The process of opening an instant credit catalogue could not be any simpler if it tried, if you are over 18, have a UK bank account and traceable address, then you can apply.  Even those with a less than perfect credit score have every chance of being accepted for an instant credit catalogue. The initial spend limit may be lower but will soon increase with good repayments and responsible ordering.

For a quick decision and an instant credit limit to use today, start your instant credit catalogue application and sit back with a cup of tea and  enjoy a relaxing shopping experience.

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