Defining Catalogues with Credit

Every season comes in with new trends whether that be Fashion, Home Entertainment Gadgets, Appliances, basically anything you can think of will have a a new line of products depending on the season or year. At times it is not even about being trendy but replacing the old ones that can no longer be used or have received an upgrade. Often are the times when our set budget does not stretch enough to accommodate for these new additions in form of clothing, Furniture or even electronics. When other means of acquiring advance credit then repaying it later such as credit cards are not available catalogues with credit is the best alternative.

The catalogues with credit do not necessarily require you to make deposits prior to using them. You can opt to pay the entire amount in one instalment or you can decide to spread it out into several instalments. There are several ways in which the catalogues with credit can be referred to such as the flexible payment accounts, personal accounts or shopping accounts.

Benefits of the catalogues with credit

When one is using a catalogues with credit it is just like using any other type of credit card. This means that one has to make a budget of what they intend to purchase and very keenly avoid impulse buying. When properly utilised the catalogues with credit is a very effective method of acquiring what you need urgently when you do not the cash at hand. When you have the cash it is the most recommended method to purchase products as long as you do not overstretch your budget.

Stores that have catalogue with credit

There are numerous stores that offer catalogues with credit ranging from stores that specialise in women’s fashion, electronics, men’s wear, footwear home and gardening tools. These stores usually do not stock one type of commodity but rather has several types of products for different purposes. This is to ensure that they have their customers covered in all areas. If today a customer you had previously purchased an electronic wants a gardening toll they can still purchase it in the same store using the same shoppers account.

There are several popular stores such as Fashion World, Dial A TV, JD Williams, Look Again, Jacamo, La Redoute, Simply Be, Marisota and Premier Man which offer catalogues with credit to their customers. All these stores charge an APR rate that varies from one store to the other. The Dial A TV is the only store that does not charge an APR rate on the shoppers account. The APR rates are either 34.9% or 58.7%.

Bad Credit Catalogue
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