Don’t let bad credit get you down

A bad credit catalogue is not the expensive credit solution that you may have previously thought. A bad credit catalogue is in fact, one of the best ways to step back up the credit ladder if you have had problems in the past. With the many instant credit catalogues available, the majority of them do accept bad credit applicants, this may come as a pleasant surprise to know that you can purchase from the same mainstream catalogues as everyone else.


You can rely on a bad credit catalogue!

Once you take on a bad credit catalogue, future creditors will see the following on your file, and will make more positive decisions.

  • Trusted for a basic credit limit
  • Show regular repayments
  • Shows payments in full
  • Shows credit increases
  • Improves credit score

If you can provide the following basic requirements you can apply for a bad credit catalogue online today, for instant decisions and instant spend limits.

  • You have to be over 18
  • You can be found on an electoral role
  • Show address history for 5 years
  • Hold a current UK bank account
  • Have a regular income, benefits are also taken into consideration

With bad credit catalogues, the interest rates must be taken into consideration and as a general rule the higher the interest rates, the better the chance of being accepted with a poor credit score. Shown here are the most reputable and trusted bad credit catalogues to be found. If you pay off your purchases within the interest free period the interest will never be charged, it is only added to payments when spreading the cost over 4 months or more.

  • Marisota 70%APR
  • Fashion World 70%APR
  • Premier Man 70%APR
  • Curvissa 40%APR
  • JD Williams 90%APR
  • Freemans 90%APR
  • Kaleidoscope 90%APR
  • Grattan 90%APR
  • Look Again 90%APR
  • Swimwear365 90%APR
  • Bon Prix 90%APR
  • Next 90%APR

A bad credit application is very simple, and you can begin ordering straight away once you have been given your spend limit. A bad credit catalogue may give a small credit limit at first, but this is very quickly increased within a few months when your payments are made in term with your statements. It is a good idea to pay your statement in full before the interest free period is over if you want to increase your credit limit even quicker.

As well as being a great way to help with your credit score, a bad credit catalogue will soon become a vital part of the household budget and will always be available in emergencies. With the fantastic joining discounts and regular bonus codes sent throughout the year you will find many items cheaper than the High Street or Superstores. You can have next day delivery for very little or even free if you opt to buy a package of less than £10 a year. By taking into consideration the fuel and parking costs as well as the time spent wandering around the town centre, a bad credit catalogue is an all round saver, of both time and money.

Bad Credit Catalogue
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