Exploring Bad Credit Catalogues

The world of online shopping has exploded in the last few years making nearly every product on the High Street available for delivery to your door in less than 24 hours. With so many online Bad Credit Catalogues all vying for your custom, you will also find temping discounts and services, such as free delivery and interest free periods available as the online Bad Credit Catalogues battle to outdo each other. This can only mean great bargains across the board for the home shopper.

Bad credit catalogues for everyone

If your credit history is far from perfect you can still find credit from catalogues that offer instant catalogue credit and accept bad credit applicants. The term bad credit is not great as it is a blanket phrase that covers nearly everyone from time to time. The online retailers have recognised this and even though they will make a credit check, they will also look at your eligibility to repay. This is where the difference lies between applying for in-store credit and an online Bad Credit Catalogue. You may find it very difficult to walk into a shop such as Top Shop or Dorothy Perkins and come out with a store card with instant credit if you have recently suffered a negative period in your finances. With an online catalogue such as Gratton, Very.co.uk or Fashion World, you would instantly know if you have been accepted and once you are, will be given a spend limit of up to £200. Put this together with easy delivery, sometimes free, the same if not better fashion, family and home choices, it is no wonder why the online retailers are becoming a vital part of the family shopping budget.

One of the main criteria for a bad credit catalogues account is consistency. If you have had a stable address for over 3 years and are in receipt of a regular income, not necessarily a work income, you will find yourself more likely to be accepted no matter what your previous credit file may say about you. Once you have been accepted as long as you make your payments on time and keep your account in order you will find that your credit spend limit will increase over time. This will then allow you to purchase more exercise items such as home electronics or large items of furniture for the house.

Should your need for credit be for larger more expensive items to begin with, for example, a Smart TV or a new dining table, then you may find you will have to go down the rent to buy route. Online giants such as Brighthouse, who also have stores across the UK in most larger towns, will be able to offer you credit based on not only credit and eligibility checks but family and friend referencing also.

If you keep your catalogue credit account in order, you will find that this will help to rebuild a bad credit file and is a good way to get back on track with your finances as once other creditors see that you are maintaining a steadier credit file you are more likely to be offered future credit.

Bad Credit Catalogue
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