It is understandable that you may be cautious when it comes to considering a bad credit catalogue, especially if you have
been turned down for credit in the past. Bad credit catalogues are not under the same rules and regulations of money
lenders, credit cards and banks. This is why they are able to extend credit for goods and can make their own decisions on
who they offer personal credit accounts to. Here are some of our favourite bad credit catalogues with the best first order

Credit Catalogues that we rate highly

• Freemans – 25% off first credit order
• Grattan – 25% off first credit order
• Bon Prix – 25% off first credit order
• Next – £10 off first credit order
• Kaleidoscope – 25% off first credit order
• Look Again – 25% off first credit order
• Fashion World – 30% off first credit order

Bad credit catalogues can actually improve your chances of getting future credit if you keep your account in order as this
will appear on your credit file and future lenders can see that you are responsible when lending. As a bad credit catalogue
will not perform a credit check they will also carry out an eligibility check. They will be looking for stability more than
anything so if you are able to supply the following information your application will have a good chance of being accepted.

• Proof of UK bank account
• Proof of age
• Proof of a regular income
• Proof of stable address history

You may find that your credit limit is quite low at first with a bad credit catalogue, possibly less than £200. If you pay in full
or more than the minimum amount asked for each month you will see that the credit limit gets raised very quickly the
more you prove your ability to repay. Once your credit limit is high enough you can then order more expensive items like
Smart TVs or home furnishings, all on the same interest free period terms. This can work out much cheaper than buying
from a High Street store, especially when using bonus discount codes that are sent to you by email regularly.

Once your application been aproved for the bad credit catalogue preferred, usually only taking a few minutes to open, you
will be given an instant credit limit. You are able to order products immediately, and they are added to your account and
your first payment will be due within 30 days. With a bad credit catalogue, you will have access to an online account which
is very simple to use. You can you browse the entire range of products and make orders until late evening for next day
delivery. One of the most convenient aspects of an online account is that you can also make your payments at any time.
You can be as flexible as you like. You can pay in full without any interest added, and as long as your account is in good
order you can spread your payments over longer periods to suit your budget.

Bad Credit Catalogue
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