Finding your way through the maze of Bad Credit catalogues

With the fast pace of modern living, nearly everything financial is carried out over the internet and it is no surprise to find that catalogues that offer bad credit are on the rise. There are hundreds of catalogue websites that offer instant credit and bad credit catalogues with the promise of a no credit check. The bigger and most trustworthy catalogues will always have their own websites and application process, but there are many unscrupulous websites that will offer the guarantee of credit with an upfront payment. These websites are basically brokers and will take an upfront commission to put your application through, but they will have no guarantees in reality that your application will be successful.

To get the best out of online catalogues

you must check the interest rates and decide if you would need to extend payments over the free interest period or not. After the interest free period that you are initially offered with a credit catalogue, the interest rates will apply to any outstanding balance. If you are confident that you will pay off your account in full before this time, then an online catalogue can definitely be a great way to budget your home and fashion needs over a period of time. This facility can be a great service that will help overcome any emergency situations from a cooker that has let you down to a last minute party invitation when you have nothing to wear!

If you have had any issues with your credit file, you will find that gaining credit is very difficult, depending on the severity of the account. Online catalogue that accept bad credit customers are a great way to build your credit file back up and can also give you the same freedom and convenience of online shopping that a good credit file will allow. When applying for a bad credit catalogue you will find that it is not necessarily advertised on their websites but is generally known that the higher the interest rate, the better the chance of being accepted for credit. The amount of credit you will be offered initially will be lower than £200, but as you pay your statements regularly your credit limit will increase over time. Direct debit is usually the better way to pay your account, as you are less likely to forget payments.

There are many choices on the internet for catalogues that offer everything needed for the home as well as an extensive fashion range. Some groups of catalogues, such as the JD Williams group or the Kaleidoscope group will give you access to their sister catalogues and you have the ability to order from any of their catalogues and use just one account, all with the same interest rates and payment terms. Fashion World is a very good all-rounder, for the home and family and will give instant credit and interest free payments. Many catalogues will have a joining discount on your first credit order and it is worth checking on the delivery costs, or if free delivery is offered. A lot of catalogues like Simply Be, JD Williams and Next will have a yearly payment delivery discount, where you can have all your purchases delivered by next day courier at one small price for the year, often less than £10. Generally, the interest rates for bad credit catalogues comes in at over 35% variable APR, but you can find higher rates for higher purchases such as home furnishings and electronic goods from rental catalogues such as Dial-a-TV and Brighthouse that will offer credit for those with bad credit, but the goods will remain their property until the final payment. These are for very high value goods such as lounge furniture or large home electronics. The interest rates for such catalogues is a very high 69.9% APR and interest is charged from the beginning, with no interest free period.

Using catalogues can be a great way to build a better credit file, but it is important to know that every application will leave a mark on your file and too many rejected applications in a short period is more likely to hinder than help your search for credit. If you choose a catalogue that has sister or affiliate catalogues, you can make just one application and have access to all, this way you are bound to find what you need without having to apply for further credit.

As with everything else, it is vital that you make your payments on time and are sensible in your spending, but by maintaining a good catalogue account you will find that your credit will rise not only with the catalogue but should start to improve the overall health of your credit file. If you are a clever shopper, you can use the discount codes, free delivery, flash sales and outlet departments and you will find bargains that are just as competitive as the High Street but without the parking and commuting issues. You can sit back with your feet up in your spare time and keep up with all your shopping needs for the home and family, knowing that your purchases will be delivered to your door or chosen Click and Collect point and that you can return items securely the same way.

Online shopping is a quick and convenient way of purchasing goods for the home, and for many households the ability to pay in easy monthly repayments means that as well as keeping the entire family dressed head to toe in exciting and trendy fashions, you are also able to have the latest in home electronics and furnishings without having to save up for them, or take out credit form a high street store, where you will find less chance of being accepted if you have past any credit issues.


Bad Credit Catalogue
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