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Shopping via catalogues could be a breather for some of us, especially when having a catalogue credit account. This brilliant invention allows us to buy our highly-coveted items, and spread the cost on a given time period.

Now that we’ve established the fact that a catalogue credit is the magical solution to our shopping predicament, how exactly can someone apply? Don’t worry! The steps are definitely a breeze!

When applying to regular catalogue credit account, you will have to fill an application with your personal information. From there the catalogue company will check your credit history through credit reference agency, which can be a lengthy procedure. Getting approved required you to have a good credit rating, or your application will be dismissed before even ordering a thing. In addition, you will have to wait for your card to arrive in the mail, which could take a week or two.

Hurried to quench your shopping thirst? Then an instant credit catalogue might be for you! These facilities also cater for Bad Credit Catalogues.

Having the opportunity to get instant catalogue credit approval has contributed in increasing catalogue shopping popularity, as it helps even people with bad credit issues get a catalogue credit account. Plus it helps in improving their credit score. This can be useful for people who can’t get their hands on an unsecured credit card; as catalogue companies report the accounts to major credit agencies, thus helping in rebuilding their credit.

In case of having bad credit history (bad rating), you may be offered a smaller credit limit. However, don’t fret it, this can be solved by building up your score, through paying in time thus improving your payment history.

There are a number of catalogue companies that offers instant catalogue credit, offering you a variety of items such as clothing, food, home appliance and more.

Some of the most popular companies in this field is Freemans Catalogue, Very Catalogue and Studio catalogue.

Pros and cons of instant catalogue credit

Catalogue companies that offer instant credit usually ask for high interest rate, which varies depending on your balance and state of residence and the item’s pricing.

To get an instant approval for catalogue credit you will only have to fill an application with your basic information, and accept terms and conditions stated by the catalogue company.

Just after you gain approval for instant catalogue credit you can start shopping for the items you want, which will be shipped to your doorstep. Consequently, your credit balance will change, and the difference will be translated to monthly installments. Moreover, you will be charged interest rate, which will be added to your monthly installments.

You have to be careful when it comes to paying your monthly installments, as it could add up to your balance if you missed paying any of them.

In most cases, you will start paying off your credit balance after one month of the actual purchase. Some catalogue companies allow their customers to start paying off their balance after more than one month; this usually comes in the form of special offers or promotions. So make sure to check regular offers and promotions!

Assuming that the catalogue company did not offer you any promotions, and you are not able to pay any instalments for a couple of month; you could choose “buy now, pay later” option. This option gives you time before starting to pay any instalments, and in the same time you would get the item that want.

Although “buy now, pay later” option is great for some people, it could be a load, as you will probably have to pay higher interest rates. This adds up to the higher prices charged by catalogues that offer instant credit, as it’s usually the option for customers with bad credit. Buying an item with higher price and interest rate will add to what you have to pay monthly, thus the outcome may not always come in your favor.

Choosing to buy through catalogue credit could have a lot of benefits, especially when you use it wisely. You have to keep in mind that high benefits comes with high risk; including mounting your balance in case of missing a payment due, or risk subjecting your credit account to be rated poorly.

Instant catalogue credit approval could be beneficial and convenient in some cases, but you will have to make sure that you are not squandering your money.

Make sure to check different catalogues that gives instant approval, to find the one with best offers and promotions. Whether you are buying clothes, home appliances or groceries. Instant catalogue credit is considered a great way to have the items you need right away. It’s also a convenient way for last minute shopping, in case you are stuck in a situation where you have to get something immediately and you don’t have enough funds.

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