Getting the most out of a Bad Credit Catalogue

bad credit catalogues make you feel good, it can be nice to spend some money on yourself or for others. Whether it’s the latest tech and gadgets, or perhaps some new clothes, we all love to treat ourselves every now and again.

But this is easier said than done if you don’t have the money to spend, as well as perhaps having a low credit score. It can be difficult to spread your spending effectively, let alone being able to treat yourself.


Bad credit catalogues that work for you

However this is where we here at Accepted Catalogue aim to help. Catalogue shopping has become increasingly popular over the years, as it is an incredibly easy way to do both your weekly shop or looking for gifts and more expensive products. New school uniforms to a broken washing machine are just a few of the many products available with catalogue shopping, which can be a real lifesaver. But again, if your credit score is a worry for you, then catalogue shopping can perhaps be unattainable. However this is why we specify in Catalogues for Bad Credit shopping. If your credit history is not great, then fear not as we aim to take this stress out of your life. We offer hundreds of bad credit catalogues to browse from, whether you’re looking for a place to do your new shopping with, or some products in particular.


We don’t believe your credit score is important, nor view it as a necessary factor when you sign up to a bad credit catalogue account with us. You should be able to own the same gadgets and do your weekly shop as available as everyone else. We guarantee your ability to order from any of our catalogues regardless of your credit history, with 0% finance and 100% acceptance on all applications. This means that you can rid yourself over worries of possibly not being accepted, and sign-up for an account with us today.

If you’re not able to pay for your bad credit catalogue shopping straight away, then you don’t need to worry about this either. We offer a buy now pay later scheme where you can get all of the products you need, and pay in instalments, or altogether at a later date when you can. To have the ability to buy now and pay later is a welcome relief to many and it is little wonder that the majority of households in the UK now have a credit catalogue account. This means that you can get all of the items you need and spread your budgeting costs evenly. We offer a £2,500 catalogue credit so you can get everything you need, with 0% interest when you have to repay us. Not to mention we’re constantly updating our website and catalogues to bring you the latest offers and discounts to get you great products for great prices, whilst you can enjoy hughstreet leading brands such as Apple, Toshiba and Sony should you wish.


Our set-up process only takes 3 minutes, and you can have a bad credit catalogue account set up today. We believe our reasons listed above is what makes us one of the nations favourite catalogue sites to use, and we hope that you see that too. You too can be the proud new owner of hundreds of new products whilst browsing them all from the comfort of your own home. Your goods will be delivered to your doorstep when it suits you, with an easy payment method, and can be returned with very little hassle if necessary.

Sign up now whilst the guaranteed credit line is in place and join thousands of happy customers all loving their account with us here at Accepted Catalogue!

Bad Credit Catalogue
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