Grab Your Bad Credit Catalogue

Throughout the last decade, online catalogue shopping has become an increasingly popular way to shop, particularly among those who have a busy family and work life. Not only can you shop for yourself, but you can shop for others too. No matter what occasion you have coming up, whether it be your best friends birthday or parents anniversary, online catalogue shopping provides you with what you need. It also saves you those stressful trips to busy town centres and shopping malls, which we know no one really enjoys!


Save more with a bad credit catalogue

It is estimated that around 18 million households have some form of physical catalogue, but with the rise of the internet during the digital age, these catalogues are now generally viewed online. But this super easy way of shopping can only be enjoyed by those that have an acceptable credit score. If you are someone who suffers with a bad credit score, online catalogue shopping will be quite tricky for you. It’s the sad reality that many companies will view you as an unreliable customer.

But, at Accepted Catalogues, we do not view you this way. We specialise in bad credit catalogues, because we want to provide shopping opportunities for the wider community. This means that your credit score isn’t necessary when signing up for an account with us. We know how easy it is to find yourself with a bad credit score, so this is why we don’t take it into consideration when you want to start an account with us. Our zero credit check policy is implemented at the start, and throughout. At no point will we check your credit score!


Due to zero credit checks, we have an 100% acceptance rate with all potential customers. You don’t have to worry about not being accepted, as we accept everyone, whatever you credit score may be. The process of joining Accepted Catalogues only takes under 5 minutes, and you can begin bad credit catalogue shopping from as soon as today from the comfort of your own home!

And finally, we offer customers a buy now pay later scheme with all of our bad credit catalogues. We understand that you might not always be able to make the payments for your items on time, so thats why we offer you the chance to pay the money back in weekly or monthly instalments if necessary. We also offer a £2500 credit availability, so you can get everything and anything you want, whenever you need it for. With quick door to door delivery service, it’s never been easier to online catalogue shop.


We really hope that was we offer here at Accepted Catalogues is what you need. Remember, we carry out zero credit checks, have an 100% acceptance rate, and offer all customers our buy now pay later scheme on all bad credit catalogue items. Don’t forget we have hundreds of bad credit catalogues to chose from, filled with luxury items which are regularly updated. The process of joining is easy, and you will soon reap the great benefits that Accepted Catalogues offers when you join today!

Bad Credit Catalogue
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