How a bad credit catalogue can work for you

What ever the reason you are looking for bad credit catalogues it is very important to remember that every application you make will leave a footprint on your credit file.  If you already have a poor credit score this will not work in your favour.  It is better to make sure you find the right bad credit catalogue to begin with, ones that will more likely to accept a bad credit application.


Giving you the best bad credit catalogue deals

Some of the most trusted and reputable instant credit catalogues shown below, will also be happy to accept bad credit applications.

  • JD Williams – fashion and home
  • Fashion World – Fashion and home
  • Simply Be – fashion only
  • Look Again – fashion and home
  • Bon Prix – fashion only
  • Premier Man – fashion only

To open a personal credit account with a bad credit catalogue is a very easy and simple process and you will be given an instant decision together with a spend limit you can use straight away.  Once you have opened your account you will receive a monthly statement with a minimum payment amount for the goods you have purchased the previous month.  Interest is only charged if you do not pay the account in full within the interest free period, which is in the region of 4 months or 20 weeks, depending on how you prefer to pay.  The benefits of an online bad credit catalogue account are much more than you may realise, shown here are some of the amazing extras you will get.

  • Massive joining discounts of up to 30% on your first credit order
  • Impressive delivery options from next day to stated day
  • Economical delivery packages for less than £10 a year
  • Easy returns procedures
  • Convenient Hermes Click and Collect stores for flexibility
  • Unlimited access to sister or affiliate catalogues in the same groups
  • Regular bonus discount codes for huge savings

Opening a bad credit catalogue can be one of the better decisions to make if you have struggled with rejections for credit in the past.  Once you show that you are being responsible with your account, not only will you will find that your credit limit will rise steadily within the catalogue itself, your credit file will start to show stability and you may be accepted by future creditors.  Because bad credit catalogues are governed by separate authorities than money lenders, they are able to make credit decisions based on your ability to repay rather than your credit history.  This is also very useful if you have never had credit before as in the main, new lenders are considered a bad credit risk as they have no history at all.  A bad credit catalogue is the perfect start to show repayment commitment on your credit file.

To open a bad credit catalogue, you will need the following:

  • UK address history of at least 5 years
  • Current UK bank account
  • Regular income from work or benefits
  • Must be over 18

When considering a bad credit catalogue it is important to know that you will always be covered by the Distant Selling Regulations, and in many cases you have more rights by law than buying items from the High Street, when it come to returns or complaints.

Bad Credit Catalogue
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