How to save money with Instant credit catalogues

There are many different reasons that an instant credit catalogue could be part of your monthly budgeting, but as a money saving tool it is often overlooked. Just by opening a personal account with an instant credit catalogue you can save up to 25% on your first order, and over the year you will be sent lots of discount codes, from birthday bonus and flash sales.

If you are a clever shopper with your eye on the interest rates, you can purchase almost any product for the home and family at similar prices as the High Street, and very often with the discounts given, much cheaper. With the majority of instant credit catalogues there will be a period of interest free credit. This means that if you pay your account in full, you will never be charged any extra interest.   The usual period of interest free credit is about four months. After this time interest is added each month to the outstanding balance. Below are some of the best instant credit catalogues that offer first order discounts.

Instant Credit Catalogues on offer

  • Bon Prix – 25% and free delivery
  • Freemans – 25% and free delivery at all times
  • Grattan – 25% and free delivery at all times
  • Kaleidoscope – 25% off first credit order
  • Look Again – 25% off first credit order
  • Fashion World – 30% off first credit order
  • Next – £10 off first credit order

If you keep your personal account in good order, by paying off more than the minimal amount each month you will be quickly offered higher credit limits with an instant credit catalogue. This is very good news if you are considering a higher priced product such new lounge furniture or a high spec laptop. You may be surprised to hear that the majority of well know home electronic brands can be found in an instant credit catalogue and many in many cases the prices are comparable even without any discounts. Popular High Street names included are listed below in many instant credit catalogues:

  • Sony
  • Apple
  • Samsung
  • Kenwood
  • Babyliss
  • Bang & Olufsen

As well as the extensive range of home and electronic brands you will also discover the myriad of clothing brands that you would only usually find in large department stores. An instant credit catalogue will cater to the entire family, from maternity to baby wear, school uniforms to prom dresses, along with fantastic women and menswear. You will also be surprised to see that the average sizing will be in a much wider range, often up to a women’s UK size 32. With online instant credit catalogues do they understand and have captured the plus size clothing markets, far more than the town centre stores.

Some of the most popular clothing designer brands include:


  • Burberry
  • Carolina Herrera
  • Coast
  • Dolce & Gabbana
  • French Connection
  • Hugo Boss


Often you will find that an instant credit catalogue will accept bad credit applicants, and if your credit history is less than perfect you may find that many other credit options are closed, such as store cards and bank loans. By taking out an instant credit catalogue you can actually start rebuilding a poor credit file. If the initial credit limit is low, then this should be seen as your start into catalogue credit, and not the only amount you will ever be given credit for. Over a few months and with regular payments, your credit limit will be raised quite considerably. It very likely that on the period of a year you can be guaranteed over £1000 credit. One of the great benefits if instant credit catalogues it that you can also make payments at any time, you can pay as little or a much as you like. There are no fixed monthly payments apart from the minimum amount, and on a £200 credit limit, that is only £5.00 per month. If you take into consideration the other benefits listed below, then perhaps you may consider an instant credit catalogue for your own home.

  • Next day and selected day delivery
  • Easy returns
  • Regular online sales and outlet sections
  • Easy to use online payment and ordering facilities
  • Application process for an instant decision in minutes
  • You can order until 10pm at night, and have delivery the next day

As with all credit is important to understand that a credit check will be carried out and if you fall behind on payments the interest will be charged on the amount outstanding. If you are in danger of ever missing a payment it is important to discuss this with the catalogue in the first instance to arrange a payment plan and avoid any negative marks on your credit file.

Bad Credit Catalogue
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