Instant and Bad Credit Catalogues

Instant Bad Credit Catalogues

Online shopping is a very popular way of buying goods these days. However, many people prefer to browse through catalogues before ordering over the phone or going to that catalogue’s website to place the order. Buying from catalogues, rather than popping down to your local shopping centre, is more attractive to customers if they can pay off the goods they’ve purchased in installments rather than paying for the order at the time with their debit card.

Many retail companies have instant credit catalogues which offer the customer instant credit with which to buy their goods. This gives the customer extra breathing space with the option to pay monthly, whether that’s a set amount (usually the minimum monthly payment due) being paid via direct debit, or different amounts each time to suit that month’s financial situation. Many instant credit catalogues have various options for payment which is helpful in being able to manage how to cover the cost of the purchases each month.

Generally, interest charged on instant credit catalogues can be high but some instant credit catalogues offer interest free periods over which the cost can be spread. Some offer “buy now pay later” options which is a fantastic way to be able to buy goods immediately without worrying about having the funds available at the time of ordering from the instant credit catalogue. In many of these cases, if the balance is paid off in full before the end of the agreed period, no interest is charged. If you’re still not in a position to be able to pay for your purchases in full by the time that interest free period is up, there are usually options to then start spreading the payments over a further period, but with interest added to the balance.

Some instant credit catalogues have special offers for new customers. For example, some give between 10% and 20% discount on the first order which will be helpful if your credit limit isn’t high enough to cover the advertised cost of the intended purchase.

Instant credit catalogues are great for those who get approval for the instant credit following a credit check (which is a standard check done on all customers applying for instant credit through catalogues). However, not everyone has a good credit rating which will cause a hold up in obtaining the credit, with many people who have a bad credit history not getting approval at all. There are bad credit catalogues which will offer the same benefits as the instant credit catalogues, but with slightly different terms and conditions for the credit. Credit given through a bad credit catalogue will often be a lesser amount with a possibly higher interest rate.

It’s important to know why you have a bad credit rating with a view to fixing things before buying goods on credit from a bad credit catalogue, possibly making the situation worse. If you have a bad credit rating due to never having borrowed before, getting an account with a bad credit catalogue will give you a good start to building up your rating if you keep on top of the payments and comply with all the terms. If you do this, your credit limit may be increased as well as your credit score improving.

Failing to keep up with the payments on an instant credit catalogue or a bad credit catalogue will further damage your credit rating and make it harder (or maybe impossible) to obtain credit in the future so, before borrowing, it is worth making sure that your financial situation will allow you to make at least the minimum payment due each month for the value of the goods you’re planning to purchase. It is important to take the interest into account when budgeting for your monthly payments.

If regular payments are made and the terms are adhered to, your credit limit may automatically increase. If you don’t want to have an increased credit limit, or you want to reduce the limit following an increase in order to better manage your credit account, there will be an opt out setting on your online account. Otherwise, customer services will be able to help you on the telephone. No matter what your limit is on your instant credit catalogue or bad credit catalogue, you are responsible for making sure you can pay the amount back in full (plus any interest that has been applied to the balance).

Applying for credit on an instant credit catalogue or a bad credit catalogue will be very similar. The application process is done online and is usually quite quick and easy. A credit check will be carried out and the results of this will depend on whether you are approved. If you are approved, the amount of credit you are given will depend on the score or rating given in the credit check. You will need to be aged 18 or over and have a regular income to be considered for credit. The amount of credit given will also depend on your income.

Some instant credit catalogues are more likely to give credit than others. Bad credit catalogues are the catalogues that are most likely to give credit to customers. There are websites such as that will give you a list of the catalogues most likely to give credit if you are worried that this may be a problem.

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