Instant catalogue credit choices

One of the main reasons for wanting a catalogue is usually for the instant catalogue credit availability. An instant credit catalogue is able to let the customer have a wide range of choices from home and garden goods to the latest in High Street fashion and clothing ranges for the entire family, without having to have separate credit accounts for individual shops or having to use a credit card. Many families across the UK will regularly use an instant catalogue credit as part of their monthly budgeting. Not only does instant catalogue credit give you freedom to shop in your own time, but also offers a safety net should there be a situation where you may need an expensive product but do not have readily available funds. No one can budget for a broken freezer or a TV on the blink!

More instant credit catalogues than you could imagine

There are literally hundreds of online catalogues not all offer instant catalogue credit, and the ones that do, may not offer instant, or quick credit as they may need other credit references, such as friends and family. For example, if you are looking to take on a large credit purchase through a catalogue such as Brighthouse, or Dial-a-TV. The main and larger more trusted catalogues including household names such as Freemans, Grattan and will all have the option of instant catalogue credit and will also accept applications from those who may have had a negative period in their finances and it has left a mark on their credit file. Most instant credit catalogues do not advertise that they accept bad credit applications, but you will find an application for an instant credit catalogue is more likely to be accepted than an application for a credit card.

There is far more to an online instant credit catalogue than just the instant credit to tempt you in. Many will have fantastic first order offers, with massive discounts of up to 40% to be had. Some offer free delivery, or even a yearly delivery option where you can pay under £10 for all your deliveries over a year. You will also find instant credit catalogues like Look Again and JD Williams that will have up to 9 other sister catalogues within their group, and with just one account you have all the benefits of being able to order from them all, with the same interest rates and delivery options.

When it comes to the interest rates, there is a huge difference between them, from as low as 18.8%APR to a huge 61.9%APR. Usually the interest rates only apply once the initial period of interest free is over, per item or you have taken a buy now pay later option, where the interest is added after a payment delay. If you keep your account in order, then you should have no need to worry about the interest rates.

Taking out an online instant credit catalogue is relatively easy and pain free, you can have an answer within 10 minutes if you apply on line, and instant credit available to spend immediately. Some instant credit catalogues will start with a low credit limit, usually under £200, but this will increase the quicker you pay off your purchases and in doing so, you can also guarantee the interest rates will remain at bay!


Bad Credit Catalogue
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