instant credit catalogue and how they work

You may have been thinking about applying for an instant credit catalogue but with so many on offer it can be hard to decide on the best ones to suit your needs.  The majority of instant credit catalogues will carry a fantastic range of the latest fashion ranges from well known names as well as exclusive online designer collections as standard. For homewares they have their own ranges or may have separate instant credit catalogues that they may be affiliated with that you can order from with the same interest and payment terms.


Find the best instant credit catalogue deals for you

 Here are the instant credit catalogue ranges so you can make a decision on the best ones for you:

  • Very 34.90%APR Both fashion and Home
  • Next 22.90%APR Mainly Fashion with limited Homewares
  • Look Again 34.90%APR Fashion with sister catalogues for Homewares
  • Grattan 34.90%APR Both fashion and Home
  • Kaleidoscope 34.90%APR Fashion with sister catalogues for Homewares
  • JD Williams 39.90%APR Both fashion and Home
  • Freemans 34.90%APR Both fashion and Home
  • Simply Be 39.90%APR Fashion with sister catalogues for Homewares
  • Fashion World 58.70%APR Both fashion and Home
  • Gifts365 34.90%APR Seasonal and Gifts
  • John Lewis 18.80%APR Both fashion and Home
  • 49.90%APR Seasonal and Gifts


Once you have decided on the best instant credit catalogue for you it will only take a few minutes to apply and if you have your details to hand you can have an instant spend limit to use within the catalogue immediately.  You will have access to an instant credit catalogue personal account and with most instant credit catalogues they even have an app that you can use on your phone. This app will allow you to make and track orders, make payments and check your account day or night. Your credit limit and any interest charges will be shown clearly here too.


An instant credit catalogue can be one of the best tools to have in the family budget as you are able to manage your payments easily and make payments in line with paydays whenever they may be. As long as you make the minimal payments each month and remain in credit you will be given a higher spend limit over time and it will also impact greatly on your credit score showing you as a responsible lender.  If you have never had credit before then an instant credit catalogue is a perfect way to get a foot on the credit ladder and in the future should you be looking at credit in the form of HP or a mortgage. Here are some more great reasons to think about applying for an instant credit catalogue that you may not have considered:

  • Fantastic delivery options from next day, stated day or standard from £3.99
  • Yearly delivery plans from £9.99 a year (£4.99 with a discount code)
  • No parking or fuel costs for shopping
  • No busy town centres
  • Try before you buy
  • 14 days to return or keep
  • Free returns
  • Regular discount codes on future orders

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