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If you are in need of an instant credit catalogue but you have bad credit, you would be hard pressed to find a better start into the wonderful world of online shopping than Fashion World. This is a catalogue that not only offers instant catalogue credit, but also will accept applications from customers who may have had a bad credit score. Fashion World has an interest rate of 58%APR, but this should not deter you from taking out a personal credit account as the interest rates will only apply if you make the minimum payments, or you fall behind with your payments.

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Other instant credit and bad credit catalogues will include Simply Be, Look Again (who also have 9 sister catalogues with access from one account), JD Williams and Grattan to name but a few. They all have interest rates of between 30% to 40% APR, and the same applies with the interest being added only after a period of interest free, or if you enter a buy now pay later scheme where your payments are delayed for up to 18 months or two years.

If you are in need of larger more expensive items such as a modern large screen Smart TV, a new sofa or bed, then you may find that an instant credit catalogue will not allow you such a high spend limit until you have had the account for a while and your credit limit has been increased due to your good payment history. You can apply to bad credit catalogues like Brighthouse or Dial-a-TV, these catalogues have High Street stores in many towns and cities and you are able to see your chosen product as well as being able to open an account with them in store. These catalogues are known as rent to buy catalogues and the products do not become yours until the last payment is made. Brighthouse will ask for references from friends and family if your credit score is particularly poor. Their interest APR is at 69.9%, this will be added from the very beginning of a payment contract and you will know the total cost of the products including interest charges from the very start.

Having a bad credit score should not put you off applying for instant credit, as you will find that if you are accepted and keep your payments in good order than your credit file will begin to heal itself. All your future creditors will look to see if you are a responsible lender and by keeping one or two bad credit catalogue accounts well, it will enable you to get future credit of a higher value. It is wise not to keep applying for credit if you are rejected for an instant or bad credit catalogue more than once as that in itself will leave a negative mark on your file. If this happens then you should check your credit file and address any unsettled accounts and also make sure that your file has not been compromised by credit being taken out in your name.

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