Instant credit catalogues which one is best for you?

There are many instant credit catalogues to choose from on the internet today, but which one is the best for you?  Here is a guide to help.

For on trend and family fashions, you will find that the majority of instant credit catalogues will have a great selection of clothes for everyone.  All Instant credit catalogues will have great well known designer names and you may be very surprised to see that some designers will have online exclusive collections.

  • Next 22.90%APR
  • Look Again 34.90%APR
  • Very 34.90%APR
  • Kaleidoscope 34.90%APR
  • Simply Be 39.90%APR
  • JD Williams 39.90%APR
  • Freemans 34.90%APR
  • Grattan 34.90%APR
  • Fashion World 58.70%APR
  • John Lewis 18.80%APR


Finding the best Instant credit catalogues

Gifts and personalised items are well catered for with an instant credit catalogue, the ones shown here are focused on the seasonal markets throughout the year.  Christmas is very well catered for with lovely gift ideas and many items can be personalised at no extra costs. An instant credit catalogue can not only make sure all on your gift list are ticked off, but you can also find Christmas cards and wrapping paper as well.  These instant credit catalogues are also the go to ones for Christmas trees and decorations.

  • Gifts365 34.90%APR
  • 49.90%APR


For home and garden all of the above instant credit catalogues will have great home and electronics sections.   Next may be more limited in the home electronics departments but make up for that with the super stylish home and accessories sections. The instant credit catalogues here are better to look at if it is just homewares that you are interested in.  The john Lewis instant credit catalogue is great for their own branded appliances that are high quality and surprising low priced.

  • John Lewis 18.80%APR
  • House of Bath 49.90%APR


All instant credit catalogues will have a section for everything, and some catalogues such as JD Williams and Look Again have affiliate catalogue just to cater for the clearance and sales of their seasonal stock.

  • Clearance365 34.90%APR
  • CrazyClearance 58.70%APR


With the fantastic instant credit opportunities, it is little wonder that home shopping from an instant credit catalogue is fast becoming the number one way to shop.  If you stop to consider the amount of money you would save each year on parking and fuel costs to you local shopping outlet, or the issues you have with returning faulty items, then a home shopping instant credit catalogue can certainly make a difference to your life.  You are not tied into lengthy contracts, you can pay your account in full without penalties at any time. If you choose to spread your payments to overcome a budget dip, then you will only be paying a minimal amount of interest, and that is fully shown and explained on your statements.  The majority of all instant credit catalogues will have an online personal account where you can keep track on your orders and payments and you will also be able to make safe and secure payments to your account 24 hours a day.

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