It is very tempting to apply for an instant credit catalogue as there are so many adverts wherever you look.  Many instant credit catalogues will have a great joining discount, sometimes up to 30% off your first order. There will be a very easy application process and decisions are usually made within minutes.  You will always have a credit check when applying for instant credit, but the instant credit catalogues will perform an eligibility check, based more on your personal circumstances now, rather than just your credit score.  This is great news for anyone who has suffered any issues with their finances and are finding it hard to get credit. Many instant credit catalogues can also be found when searching for bad credit catalogues.

Know your Instant Credit Catalogue terms

It is very wise to check the interest rates when applying for an instant credit catalogue.  There are some great interest rates to be found, such as Next, Simply Be and Jacamo, all with an APR of less than 25%.  These are catalogues that will give you a personal account and your will spend limit may be quite low initially, but this will build over time and steady repayments.  They will offer you great delivery and returns options as well as bonus discounts over the year. The very lowest rate for an instant credit catalogue is John Lewis at only 189%APR.  They have a slightly different way giving their customers instant credit. Once accepted you will receive a John Lewis MasterCard, this can also be used for any other purchases the same as a normal credit card and the spend limit may be a lot higher than the average catalogue.   The credit criteria for an instant credit catalogue with a very low interest rate is usually quite high, and if you have a particularly poor credit history, you may be rejected.

The mid-range interest rates, between 30% to 40% will possibly be the best option for your first time venture into instant credit catalogues.  The Look Again group have an interest rate of 34.9% and they give you the option of ordering any product over their entire catalogue group, these include Kaleidoscope, Swimwear 365, Bon Prix and Curvissa.  This is a great way to have a solid range of both fashion and home items on instant credit and at your fingertips with the ability to order before 10pm at night for next day delivery.

The Fashion World instant credit catalogue is possibly one of the highest standard instant credit catalogues, with an APR of 58.7%, but has a very high acceptance rate, for both instant and bad credit applications.   A high interest rate should not necessarily alarm you, as this will only ever come into play if you only make minimal payments and your credit is extended past the free interest period, which is usually about 4 months.

With Instant catalogue credit and the easy home shopping experience it is hardly surprising that most modern families will consider an instant credit catalogue to be a rewarding and time saving service that is as important in the budget as the weekly grocery shop, and many have that home delivered also!

Bad Credit Catalogue
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