Looking Good With Catalogue Credit

So, you’re off on holiday soon? Have you had time to sort out your holiday wardrobe? No? You’ve been so busy at work you haven’t had time to go shopping or even think about what you’re taking with you. It’s a girlie 18-30s holiday so you’ve got to look super fly because you want look better than all your friends and you NEED to look amazing! Even though you’ve been busy at work you don’t actually get paid for almost another 3 weeks. That works out well, though, because the money will hit your bank account on day 2 of your 10 day holiday so that’s your spending money sorted. It doesn’t help you now with creating a funky suitcase full of outfits though, does it?!

Catalogue credit to the rescue!

You can fill your suitcase (or even buy a new one) full of sexy outfits for your 10 day holiday with the girls without having to pay for it at the time of ordering. And there’s still enough time for your order to get here before you go (you leave packing to the last minute anyway!). You’re relying on your next pay day to fund your drinks and food so you absolutely can’t spend any money on shopping before then. You don’t really have time anyway because you’re so busy at work. BUT! There’s good news for you given your lack of free time and immediate funds! You’ll be guaranteed instant catalogue credit if you apply for a bad credit catalogue online.

Go for it! What have you got to lose? You can get all the designer gear you want: shoes, bikinis, crop tops, capri pants, gorgeous dresses, new underwear, sparkly flip flops and glitter high heels for clubbing in the evening. You’ll be the envy of all your friends. They won’t know that you haven’t paid for your new outfits yet. You can pay your bad credit catalogue account off monthly without any problems. So easy!

So, as soon as you’ve got your instant catalogue credit, the plan is to add a new big pink suitcase to your online basket (you’ve got to be able to fit all your new outfits in!) and spend tomorrow evening browsing through the rest of the catalogue to choose what outfits you want with your instant credit. There will be plenty of credit to allow you to buy designer clothes and shoes. You’ll need at least 5 bikinis for a start! So exciting! You can go shopping without having to move off your sofa. Delivery won’t take long so everything will be here in plenty of time for you to be able to try it on and see how you look. The clothes you don’t like you can send back, no problem.   Not long to go until your holiday so get shopping!

Bad Credit Catalogue
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