Making any product affordable?

How pay weekly catalogue can make any product affordable?

If you’re wondering how to buy expensive items when you are unable to afford it, now you have the right solution. The pay weekly catalogue is a great way to spread the cost when you need it. Pay weekly catalogue is similar to paying monthly, but unlike of paying the owed catalogue balance portion each month, the payment is made every week directly via debit card, at the post office or over the phone.

There are no customers who don’t want to avoid high traffic, so going to shopping often is a very unpleasant experience. But, paying weekly will help you to avoid the crowd sitting in your chair and ordering goods that you want. You’ll pay for it in easily manageable installments. There are a lot of advantages of using catalogues in order to spread a cost.

Wide range of products

There are more and more service providers and their rivalry and efficient technology considerably affect the number of available products. Goods offered include clothing, home appliances, electronics, laptops, computers, electrical devices, furniture, kitchen appliances, gardening tools, gift & toys, gaming consoles and a lot more.

Flexibility of payments

The terms and payments are completely flexible and adjustable to the customers’ needs. Payments can be done weekly using a different credit and debit cards, EFTs and online payment to settle the bills.

No credit checks

Most of the catalogue retailers will check your credit score, but there are always a few others that do not. But, these stores are not recommended due to their high interests rates and very often irresponsible lending.

Improves credit score

Depending on how you settle your dues, the service providers will furnish credit reference bureau with the right info. If you’re keeping your payments up to date, you’ll have the possibility to increase your credit payment history.

Free delivery of products

All items that you chose from the pay weekly catalogue will be delivered to the customers’ address for free. You don’t need to spend more money to pay the shipping. The great feature is that customers can return the product for free if they’re not satisfied with it.

Convenient ordering

When you apply for the service, you can make orders online simply by visiting the website and choosing the products you want to buy. It’s very convenient as you don’t have to visit the physical location of the store.



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