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Online catalogue shopping is the easiest way to order shopping to your doorstep without even leaving the house, which is specifically useful in these unprecedented times. In particular, online catalogue shopping provides families and individuals with an easy alternative to high street shopping, saving time and energy for those with a busy life schedule. Sometimes it feels like you simply cant balance everything going on in your life, with shopping to do on top of this. This is when online catalogue shopping comes in…

Manageable bad credit catalogues

Catalogues have always been popular in the UK, but increasingly more so among younger individuals. According to the Date & Marketing Association, the response among young people for catalogues has majorly increased during the past few years. However, catalogue shopping is only available to people who have the right funds and a good credit score. If you are someone with a bad credit score, catalogue shopping isn’t as easy.

At Accepted Catalogues, we take a different stance on catalogue shopping differently. Anyone can find themselves in a situation with bad credit, so this is why we don’t care about what your credit score may be, and don’t ask for it. We specify in online bad credit catalogues in the UK. When you sign up and create an account with us, we don’t carry out credit checks, or anytime after. So if you have been unsuccessful with catalogue shopping in the past due to your bad credit, this will no longer be the case when you sign up to Accepted Catalogues. Whatever your credit score may be, you can browse hundreds of our bad credit catalogues and chose from hundreds of products today.

We have a 100% acceptance rate with all of our potential customers due to this zero credit check policy. You know longer have to worry about your bad credit score, because regardless, you will be able to sign up with us instantly and shop from the comfort of your own home, which is very important during these times.

Despite being able to join with no checks and a bad credit score, there might be another problem you face – not being able to afford the products you want and need. If you have an important birthday coming up or a best friends wedding, but times are tough, you might not be able to purchase what you need when you need it…

But, here at Accepted Catalogue, we provide all customers with a buy now pay later scheme with every single one of our online bad credit catalogues. If you are unable to pay for your items immediately at the checkout basket, we provide you with the opportunity to pay later when you can, in weekly or monthly instalments! And the great thing is, we don’t add extra costs on top of when you need to pay your shopping back, so there is no need to worry about paying more than you bargained for. So finally, when you make an account with us, you can start shopping from catalogues from the comfort and wellbeing of your own home, and have it delivered to your doorstop. Finally buying those presents that you needed for that special occasion doesn’t seem so daunting!

Bad Credit Catalogue
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