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Being refused access to loans or other forms of available credit can be really damaging and stressful if you suffer from low or bad credit. It can be unfair being denied access to important things just because of your credit score. Anyone can obtain bad credit, as falling behind on a few payments can catch up on us easily. Life can be busy, and just because you may have forgotten a few bills, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be able to get the same benefits as those with good credit. In fact, in the UK, it is actually more common for people to have a low credit score than a good one. So why shouldn’t you be able to get the same benefits as those who do have a good credit score?


Bad Credit Catalogues saving you money and stress

Here at Accepted Catalogue, we may not be able to make every aspect of your life easier, but we do aim try our best when it comes to you getting the best products and items that you need. We don’t believe that your credit score should matter when it comes to signing up for accounts and deals. That’s why we offer an 100% acceptance rate to all of our customers, so you can reap our great catalogue for bad credit benefits.

We have sourced hundreds of catalogues for bad credit  to bring you as many different varieties as possible. Whether you need a new TV, a laptop, or even new school uniforms for the kids, we pride ourselves in being able to offer you catalogues for bad credit across a wide platform of products.

Some online shopping companies will have huge forms to fill out along with a potential wait for your account to be accepted. But here at Accepted Catalogue, we prefer simplicity so that you can get started with your shopping right away. Our set-up process only takes 3 minutes, and once you have provided us with some personal details including your address and your card number, you can choose from hundreds of our catalogues for bad credit instantly.

We also offer each of our customers a £2,500 credit line which will be added to your account instantly upon set-up. This means that you can get all of the products you need and pay for it when you can.

Not only do we carry out zero credit checks and provide an 100% acceptance rate, but we also pride ourselves on offering a buy now pay later scheme. This means that if you can’t pay for your items instantly, then you can pay for them at a time that suits you. You can either pay in instalments, or at a later date altogether. This scheme not only means that you can take control of your catalogue for bad credit account, but you can spread your budgeting evenly and not have to worry about a huge chunk being taken out of your pocket when you can’t afford it. Here at Accepted Catalogue, we simply want to make your life a bit easier by getting hold of the products you need across hundreds of catalogues for bad credit.

Our products can be delivered to your door within the next few days of ordering them, and you can enjoy your brand new products, whether its the latest tech and gadgets or new clothes, our catalogues for bad credit have them all.

Bad Credit Catalogue
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