The best of the Bad Credit Catalogues

You may think that a bad credit catalogue will be too good to be true, especially if you have been turned down for credit in the past. Bad credit catalogues are not governed by the same authorities as banks, money lenders or credit cards, so they are able to offer credit for products. Bad credit catalogues will always carry out a credit check, but they also check on your eligibility to repay. A bad credit catalogue will check for the following things to establish your stability.

  • Address for the previous 5 years
  • UK bank account
  • Regular income (benefits accepted)

Bad Credit Catalogue Websites

You may find online websites that offer a guaranteed credit limit for bad credit catalogues of up to £2500. They will ask for debit card details in the first instance and should be avoided as the trusted bad credit catalogues will always offer instant credit without asking for any card details. They will have their own credit referencing and make their own decisions. The best bad credit catalogues to apply directly for are listed below. You will be given an instant decision and will not be asked to provide any card details before you start shopping. There are many choices out there for bad credit catalogues that offer everything needed for the home as well as an extensive fashion range. Some groups of catalogues, such as the JD Williams group or the Kaleidoscope group will give you access to their sister catalogues and you have the ability to order from any of their catalogues and use just one account, all with the same interest rates and payment terms.

  • Simply Be, Jacamo 9% APR
  • Kaleidoscope, Bon Prix, Freemans, Grattan 4% APR
  • JD Williams,, La Redoute, Curvissa 9% APR
  • Fashion World 7% APR

You will see beside each bad credit catalogue there is an interest APR rate. This is the rate of interest you will be charged once your period of interest free has finished. Usually there will be up to 4 months to pay off your item without being charged any interest. If you only stick to the minimum payment each month then your will find yourself incurring interest charges. However, if you pay off your purchases in full within this time, not only will you not be charged interest, you will find your credit limit is raised quite dramatically in a short space of time. With a reputable bad credit catalogue, you will have easy online payment methods and you can pay as often as you like, as well as your chosen amount. You are not imprisoned to fixed monthly amounts. As well as the benefits of credit, listed below are the other things that are standard with most bad credit catalogues.

  • Next day or stated day delivery options
  • Low delivery cost or yearly delivery plans for less than £10 a year
  • Easy and free returns
  • Personal account with easy and flexible payment methods
  • Regular emails with discount bonus codes and flash sales
  • Competitive prices with High Street shopping
  • Well-known brands
  • Instant decision on application
  • Increasing credit limit with good payment history

A bad credit catalogue if used wisely can be a fantastic option to have alongside the family budget. With the fast pace of working life and family time becoming more precious it is little wonder that most UK households will have a catalogue of some kind, bad credit or not. In comparison with the time spent in shopping centres, online instant credit catalogues are becoming more popular than ever due to their convenience. You are able to order until 10pm at night and still have delivery the next day if your wanted item is urgent. The returns process could not be any easier, with the same online account, you just select to arrange a return and the courier will collect the very next day. Bad credit catalogue also has the Hermes click and collect system. This is another very convenient way to collect or return items especially if you are at work through the day and have a local convenient Hermes store that stays open late at night.

When using a bad credit catalogue, it is just as important to understand that you will still be under credit obligations and if you fall behind with payments, this can show on your credit file and can jeopardise future credit. If you keep your bad credit catalogue up to date and with your payments in line with your statements, you will actually start to bring your credit score up and this will also be taken into account to your advantage when needing future credit.


Bad Credit Catalogue
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