The joy of shopping via catalogue credit

Have you ever experienced the joy of shopping for the stuff you want without paying full price? Or have you ever were in a dire need of buying an important item but failed since you’re low on cash? If these situations are familiar, then you might want to give catalogue credit a go.

We all have our priorities, upon which we divide our income. However, sometimes we face unexpected situations that puts us in the middle of a dilemma, whether we choose to keep paying for necessities as rent and electricity bill or try to spare some cash to meet our unexpected need. This unexpected need could be in the form of a new refrigerator since the one you have from the eighties can no longer function, or your mattress was torn to the extent that you can no longer use it.

Sometimes it’s not about the need of coping with an unexpected situation; but more about what we want in spite of not having enough cash at the moment. Whether it’s a new pair of jeans or a luxury item we want to show off in front of that friend (that usually makes us green with envy!) and what you really need is Instant Catalogue Credit.

What’s common in both cases is that you can’t pay full price at once; but you can manage to pay in small regular instalments. And that’s what catalogues with credit have to offer!

Catalogue credit helps you to fulfill your needs

in the same time manage your financial status to your preference. All you have to do is have an active account to buy from your preferred catalogue, and you will be given a certain amount of credit determined by the catalogue company, according to your credit score.

If you have a credit account to buy from your preferred catalogue then good for you, enjoy your shopping! However, if you don’t have a credit account then you have to follow some easy steps to open one and start shopping.

First, you have to fill in the application that the catalogue company provides. You will be asked to insert some basic information such as name, phone number, age and address. After that, the catalogue company will start checking your credit score through credit reference agency, to review your ability to repay your balance in time.

The moment your account is accepted, you will be given a credit balance. Varying according to your credibility generated from your credit score, in which you can use to buy whatever you want from this specific bad credit catalogue.
Now you are definitely asking yourself, “On what Cost”? What will the catalogue company benefit from selling stuff with long repayment period?
Let us first agree that both the company and the customer have to mutually benefit from any purchase.

Catalogue companies offer catalogue credit to benefit from increased sales; facilitating it for customers to buy the items they covet. In addition, sometimes catalogue companies ask for an interest rate, which is paid with your instalments.

Most catalogue companies offer different options to pay off your catalogue credit balance. Whether it’s paying monthly or weakly, with given time periods that could go up to one year or more depending on the items’ price and your credit rating.

When it comes to interest rate, it’s usually determined according to your credit score and some other factors. Most of the time you won’t have to pay interest rate on your purchase if you choose to repay your catalogue credit balance in a short period of time. There you have it! You killed two birds with one stone; got that item you direly need, and payed the balance due in a short period of time!

In contrast, if your item is expensive or you can’t afford paying in during a short time frame, you will have to spread the cost on a longer period. Hence, you may be asked to pay an interest rate that will be added to your monthly instalments, and as a consequence your item price will increase.

On the other hand, some companies go even further to increase sales by giving customers a delay period before starting to repay their balance. That gives you extra time until you sort out your financial status, and repaying in time without having to deal with extra financial load.

By checking the terms and condition that catalogue companies offer, you will be able to determine the best company for you to deal with, which suites your financial status and your ability to pay in specific time.

In addition, it’s useful to check if the catalogue company you choose offers useful tools to help with todays’ busy life style, such as sending reminders to notify you about your instalments due so you don’t miss a payment. Or the ability to manage your account easily, through your mobile phone or computer.

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