The lowdown on Instant Catalogue Credit

Instant Catalogue Credit

Most online catalogues will now offer instant credit.  This simply means that once you have been accepted for a credit account you will have credit limit in the region of up to £300 to spend immediately.  Once you have used your account wisely and made all repayments on time your credit limit will increase over time.

There are some online Instant Credit Catalogues that do not offer instant credit, these are in the main discount catalogues like Bargain Crazy, or the bad credit rent to own catalogues such as Brighthouse.  The names found in the high-street such as  Bon Marche or House of Bath, also do not have credit facilities, instant or otherwise.

The big names in the online shopping world like Littlewoods and Grattan will allow credit once eligibility had been proved and you are able to have goods ordered and delivered within 24 hours of opening your account.  Your credit limit is set at the time of application and your payments will be interest free for a certain amount of time, with a minimum payment each month needed to keep the account in line.  With a lot of Instant Credit Catalogues, you can have the option of some great opening offers, such as discounts on the  first orders of up to 40% in some cases, plus sometimes the offer of free delivery and that can make a big difference to the overall price.

Catalogue Instant Credit really depends on the time of day that you apply, some catalogues will run 24 hours a day and their credit decisions can be very quick, some can take up to 24 hours to make a decision, before allowing you to browse and make an order.  The Look Again group will allow you to order before asking for your Catalogue Credit, this is a for you fill out at check out.  Fashion World, Simply Be and JD Williams all take very little time to come to  decision and you are able to have an account with an Instant Credit Catalogue limit in no time at all.  This is perfect for last minute hiccups as the next day delivery is also available until 10pm at night for the following day.

Instant credit catalogues are a very convenient way to shop in your spare time without having to venture into crowded shopping centres and with free delivery and free returns in many cases, savvy catalogue shoppers have the freedom to spend their time and money to suit themselves.  The ability to be able to also budget higher price products such as home electronics is also life saver in times where finances are tight and a new TV or washing machine could be otherwise out of reach.

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