The rise of the online credit catalogue revolution

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Now that the internet is so widely used in everyday life, it is little wonder that there are many online retail stores that are now able to offer catalogue with credit style purchasing.  Some of the older more established catalogues in the UK with credit that could be found on coffee tables all over the UK in the 80’s, such as Littlewoods, Grattan and Freemans are now at the top of their game and have stayed true to their priorities of enabling everyone access to more expensive purchases and spreading the cost to fit in with a budget.  The early catalogues tended to have a main agent who could be a or relative or friend, and purchases by others would be made on sub accounts, with the main account holder bearing all the responsibility for maintaining the entire account.  The accounts were paid at local Post Offices with paying-in slips and was very time consuming.  Most of the purchases would be made over period of 20 weeks and the main agent could earn commission from the sub accounts against their own purchases.   The early catalogues were very bulky and heavy, and would be sent out twice a year, with huge eagerness for the new seasonal editions. Early catalogues were very much a community or family centred shopping experience and as it was mainly the poorer communities that tended to use them to be able to spread payments, catalogue purchasing was often sneered at, but in the fast pace of life today, the catalogue is competing with the High Street stores and is no longer seen as just the poor person’s shopping facility.

Modern living does not give us the spare time to shop anymore, and the introduction of a pay monthly catalogue can reduce the time spent waiting in queues, looking for parking spaces, and dragging the moaning kids behind you while frantically shop for the family.  With an online catalogue you can order your purchases while having a cuppa and your feet up, and letting the kids do what they do best, and play!  With the majority of online catalogues, you have a choice to pay monthly or pay in full at any time without the risk of adding interest charges, and your purchases will turn up within a few days hassle free.  The delivery options with most online catalogues are second to none, with some offering free standard delivery on purchases over £40, a lot have a yearly next day delivery option for less than £10 to cover all purchase. There is started day delivery and next day delivery options for as little as £3.50 for the catalogues with credit that do not offer free delivery, and it is wise to make larger orders each time rather than a series of smaller purchases as you will only be charged once of each order.  The JD Williams group that includes Fashion World and Simply Be, have the ability to order until 10pm at night and have your items delivered the next day., Next and Grattan also have this option. Gone are the days when you wait for weeks for delivery.  Returning items is also as hassle free as it can get, with the introduction of the Hermes Parcel depots springing up in all corner shops and convenience stores across the UK, you are able to drop off your items securely and have the cost credited to you account within a week.  You are also able to have the local courier conveniently call at your house to collect.  The majority of online credit catalogues have learned harsh lessons with delivery and returns and will do their utmost to make sure that online shopping is as secure, clean cut and quick as can be.  In reality, if we purchase a garment in the local town centre, and we have reason to take it back, we do not return it until out next trip into town so the returns system with most catalogues can generously reduce the entire returns process time. Online shopping is protected by the Distance Selling Regulations and you are actually better covered for returning purchases bought online than you are from buying goods in a shop.  There will always be a returns procedure sent with every parcel with labels pre-addressed to the returns department, this makes life as easy as possible for the customer.

The older catalogue giants, Littlewoods, Freemans and Grattan along with the newer online catalogues like, Look Again, and the JD Williams group now all offer instant catalogue credit and buy now pay later catalogue options for everything you would need from fashion, home and garden, and electronics including the latest Smart TVs and mobile phones. Instant credit means that once you have been accepted for a credit account you will have credit limit in the region of up to £300 to spend immediately.  The majority of Bad Credit Catalogues offering instant credit will process your application within half an hour and a credit or eligibility check will be carried out in the process.  Even those with poor credit can get an instant decision, without having to wait for further referencing.  The buy now pay later options that many online catalogues will have is a fantastic way to buy expensive goods such as the latest laptop or games console and spread payments over a longer term. Some will delay payments of up to a year before taking monthly instalments or paying off in full.  These accounts do require a certain amount of trust to be built by paying off your earlier purchases and increasing your credit limit over time or having an exceptional credit history to begin with.  The main point being, that it is now within everyone’s reach to own the latest technology or furnishings and keep within a sensible budget.

There are a myriad of online stores to be found all over the internet, but it is vital that you select the one, or the catalogue group that suits you best.  If you have suffered with your finances in the past or have not yet had any credit, thus leaving you with a less than perfect credit score, a bad credit catalogue is one of the best ways to build a credit file back up.  Bad credit catalogues do not always advertise this facility, but on average the higher the interest rate, the more likely the catalogue will accept a poorer credit history.  Also, if you have a catalogue that also has sister, or affiliate catalogues, you can have the one account and access to the others to enable a wider range of goods at your fingertips.  You may decide to take a fashion catalogue initially, but then with access, you can also purchase goods for the home and garden, all with the same repayment options as your original account.  A great clothing catalogue that has more catalogues to access is Look Again, they have nine sister catalogues that cover all range of needs, and have certain catalogues with credit, such as Curvissa and Kaleidoscope that cater very well for plus size customers both men and women.  It is fair to say that most online catalogues will have a plus size range, but you will find catalogues like Simply Be and Jacamo that cater expressly for the plus size. These catalogues with credit do more for self-confidence than being shoved into a tiny changing room in a high street store, and it is not surprising that the retail giants are now learning from the online stores that great fashion sense does not stop at the average size.

It is only if the regular payments start to fail that catalogue credit can spiral out of control and the interest payments come into force.  It is easy to get into trouble with interest rates and this is why it is vital that you check the range of online catalogues available with the best interest rates to suit your needs.  The customer service you will receive from most online catalogues is second to none and should be the first port of call if you are ever in danger of missing a payment.  The will be able to manage your account to make sure that you do not default.  Catalogue Credit accounts are as able to send your credit history into the red as easily as missing a credit card or mortgage payment, and it is the ease if access to the goods that sometimes overwhelm customers before they realise they have got themselves into finance trouble.  The online retails do take this into consideration with their credit checks and credit limits, but they do little to reduce the number of catalogues you can have at any one time.  Multiple catalogue accounts can add up to a big credit limit, and more importantly, a large repayment each month.   The interest free offers can be very confusing and will only apply to certain items. If you intend to choose online catalogue credit, then it is very important to look at the interest rates that are being charged after the interest free period is over.  All online catalogues offer an interest free period, this is on average about 20 weeks, if the balance of your purchase is paid in full on or before this time, then you will only pay for the item.  Should you not pay this in time, then you will be charged interest.  The best interest rate to be found among the online catalogues is John Lewis at 18% APR this is in the form of a Credit Card and can be used extensively elsewhere. The farthest end of the scale is a whacking 69% APR variable with BrightHouse, with the majority of catalogues such as Very, Look Again, Simply Be and Grattan, lying in the middle around 35% approximately.  It is also very important to understand the terms of each purchase as not every item will carry the same interest free terms, for instance, if you have a clothing item and a higher priced home electronic item on buy now pay later terms on your statement, your clothing item will still need to be paid within its original terms

Many catalogues will offer a personal account, this is where every purchase is added to the account and you pay a certain amount each month, this allows for better budgeting as well as being able to keep on top of any interest additions.  With a personal account, you will not be able to have sub accounts for other family or friends.  You would need an Agent account to be able to do this.  With personal accounts it is important not to miss payments as this could endanger or end interest free periods.  The majority of online catalogues that offer a personal account will provide a monthly statement, this can be paid online, at a Pay Point, at a Post Office or by bank transfer.  Some catalogue accounts have an online system where you can make safe and secure payments on the website. You are also often able to call and make a card payment with the customer service team with many accounts.

With the bonus of added extras like regular discount codes, free delivery if orders are made on certain days, birthday bonuses and buy now pay later offers, you do have more options on how to best spend your hard-earned money.  Apart from exclusive stores, nearly everything on offer on the high streets of the UK can be found in a department store catalogue, and with discounts and offers, can often beat the regular prices as well.  A clever shopper can be wearing the latest fashion, sitting on a modern sofa, while purchasing the school uniforms for the children and not worrying about missing out on the precious time spent with family and friends.  Clever budgeting over the year is also one of the many benefits of catalogue shopping, and this is why it is now one of the sensible options for the modern way of life, where time is more precious than ever.

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