The top instant credit catalogues

Instant credit catalogues are fast becoming the main players in the retail world. It is little wonder, with time being such a precious commodity in many people’s lives, the temptation of free deliveries, instant credit and easy flexible payments to suit any budget, that thousands of instant credit catalogues are applied for every day. Some of the better most trusted instant credit catalogues as shown below with their representative APR interest rates.

Instant Credit Catalogues and their interest rates

  • John Lewis 9% APR
  • Next 9% APR
  • Simply Be, Jacamo 9% APR
  • Argos 9% APR
  • Bon Prix, Freemans, Grattan, Kaleidoscope 4% APR
  •, La Redoute, JD Williams, Curvissa 39.9% APR
  •, Studio Cards 41.4% APR
  • Fashion World 7% APR
  • BrightHouse, Dial-A-TV 9% APR

For those who have never ventured in to the home shopping arena or have not looked at catalogue shopping in a while, you are in for a pleasant surprise. Gone are the days when catalogues were bulky books that were so heavy you could sprain a wrist just picking them up. So are the days where you had to queue at a Post Office to pay your account or return your heavy parcels. There are now easy and most importantly, safe and secure websites and apps that you can browse and shop, pay your account and organise returns to be collected from your door. With an instant credit catalogue, you are not tied to fixed payments and as long as you cover the minimal amount each month on your statement, you are able to pay as much or as less as you can comfortably afford. When you pay your account quicker, your credit limit will increase giving you more opportunity to purchase higher priced home electronics, mobile phones, home furnishings and appliances. It is also a myth that with instant credit catalogues you will only ever find own brand names and the cost is usually higher than the High Street. Not only are some of the best designer collections from Ted Baker, Joe Brown and Phase 8 to name but a few to be found in the clothing ranges but also big names in electronics from Apple to Sony and Samsung. Below you can find some of the many benefits to instant credit catalogues.

  • First orders can have very good discounts of up to 30%
  • You can order until 10pm at night for next day and selected day delivery
  • Delivery subscription for less than £10 per year
  • Discount and birthday bonus codes of up to 30%
  • Hermes Click and Collect parcel system
  • Easy returns
  • Regular online sales and outlet sections.
  • Application process for an instant decision in minutes
  • Convenient online payment and ordering
  • Increased credit limit with stable repayments
  • A lot of instant credit catalogues do accept bad credit applicants
  • Interest free payment periods of up to 4 months or buy now pay later, payment delay options
  • Flexible repayments.
  • Increasing credit limits

To apply for an instance credit catalogue, you will need to show your ability to repay, this is called an eligibility check and will include the following. There will always be a credit check carried out and this will leave a mark on your file accepted or not.

  • Current UK bank account
  • Income (employment or otherwise)
  • Number of dependants
  • Age
  • Length of time at current address

If you have suffered with poor credit in the past, the likelihood of being accepted for an instant credit catalogue is very high, as the eligibility check is taken in to account as well as your credit score. Although the main stream catalogues do not promote that they accept bad credit applications, because they are not lending money, they are able to decide to extend credit for products based on other facts. For very high value products, such as a new lounge sofa, or latest Smart TV, you can find rent to buy catalogues where the goods do not become yours until the final payment. This is an option for many, but the interest rates and final amount payable are very high, and your payments are fixed at the beginning. With a regular instant credit catalogue, you do have the option to pay what you choose each month, or to complete pay off if you wish at any time without penalty.

Whatever your reason for considering home shopping with an instant credit catalogue, it is very important to realise that that although the credit may be easier to find than a credit card or bank loan, it is still credit and non-payments will be shown against your credit file and can be clearly seen by future lenders. If ever you are in danger of missing a payment, then it is vital to make arrangements with customer service to avoid any late payment charges or added interest to your account.

Bad Credit Catalogue
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