What’s new with instant credit catalogues

An instant credit catalogue is packed full of the latest trends to hit the market and will easily compete with the High Street for cost and quality. If you have never thought about using an instant catalogue before here are 5 great reasons that your next purchase should be with a reputable instant credit catalogue.


See why people are choosing an instant credit catalogue

  1. An instant credit catalogue is super easy to apply for as long as you have the following:
  • A UK bank account
  • Address history of 5 years
  • Regular income (benefits accepted)
  • Internet access
  • Over 18 years old


  1. Fantastic joining discounts and delivery options for opening a personal instant credit account:
  • Bon Prix – 25% and free delivery
  • Freemans – 25% and free delivery at all times
  • Fashion World – 30% off first credit order/ delivery package
  • Grattan – 25% and free delivery at all times
  • Look Again – 25% off first credit order/ delivery package
  • Next – £10 off first credit order/ delivery package
  • Kaleidoscope – 25% off first credit order/ delivery package


  1. Well known fashion designer names and exclusive online collections with instant credit catalogues such as:
  • Ted Baker
  • Together
  • V by Very
  • Dolce & Gabbana
  • Joe Brown
  • Phase 8
  • Michelle Keegan
  • French Collection


  1. Instant credit catalogues will have a massive array of home electronics and mobile phones, along with any appliance you could ever need:
  • Samsung
  • Apple
  • Kenwood
  • Sony
  • Nokia
  • Hotpoint
  • Panasonic


  1. Instant credit catalogues are time saving and convenient, as well as being very competitive on pricing:
  • Try before you buy
  • Late night ordering for next day delivery
  • No queues at busy tills
  • Great discount codes throughout the year
  • No parking or fuel costs
  • Easy returns from your home or Click and Collect store
  • Instant spend limit
  • Flexible payments

With all the fabulous reasons above why would you not consider an instant credit catalogue? Applying could not be easier and once you are accepted you are given an instant spend limit. Your first payment is usually 30 days after delivery. If you choose to spread payments you can, as long as the minimum payment is made each month. If you choose to pay in full, at each statement, this will increase your spend limit very quickly.

With your personal instant credit catalogue account, you will have 24 hour a day access, this is such a blessing if you lead a busy life. With many instant credit catalogues, you can order until 10pm at night and still have your goods delivered the next day. If you are out of the house you can select to collect your parcels from your local Hermes Click and Collect store, they are located in late night opening convenience shops. You can also return the same way. With most instant credit catalogues, using the Click and Collect system is free, where standard delivery to your home may be charged for.

You can be assured that using an online personal account that your payments can be made 24 hours a day also, through trusted and secure payment systems and you are not limited to the amount of payments either.

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