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Credit Catalogue. What Are They, Benefits And Payment Methods

We all love shopping, but with all the different brands and styles, we prefer to check out all the available choices before paying a penny. Additionally, it seems very difficult to cover a large area in a short time if you’re shopping normally. However, no need to worry as this is not a problem anymore due to online credit catalogues. With credit catalogues, you can get the opportunity to view a variety of products displayed in many stores prior to making any investment. Furthermore, most stores have a flexible approach to payment, so you don’t need to pay for all your items upfront. Now, you will get the one you love any gift and pay for it slowly.

The Internet has certainly changed almost all aspects of life. With the advent of e-commerce and UK catalogue credit shopping, people no longer have to leave the comforts of their homes just to go shopping. Nowadays, just a few clicks of the mouse will get you what you need and deliver it right to your doorstep.

Thousands of people count on credit catalogue shopping because it’s very convenient. Additionally, you don’t need to leave your home to produce a purchase. Problems of life and trying to place food up for grabs often leave people with a very little time. Home shopping via credit catalogues, therefore, is a relief for such people, especially single parents who have to juggle between work and being there for their kids. Online marketing has experienced an explosion, nowadays, so nearly every store and mall come with an online shopping option. This gives an affordable and straightforward method of shopping. Furthermore, you’re able to choose from your very wide selection of products for example food, drinks, books, clothes, shoes and also appliances.

Benefits of online credit catalogue shopping

There are many reasons why online shoppers can benefit from online shopping via credit catalogues. Let us take a look at some of the more common reasons which can help convert non-online shoppers to the most avid buyers.

Access to More Choices

Online catalogue credit shopping generally offers more options to consumers. As items are not just limited to what is in stock in the actual shop. While some items also go out of stock, you have the option to jump from one shop to another without wasting too much time. Your options are also as vast as the Internet is. A wide range of choices are available, when it comes to online credit catalogues customers. Regardless whether you are looking for women’s, men’s, teens’ or even baby’s clothing, you will find all of them and more.  The actual number of items that are actually on any credit catalogue would depend mostly on the number of brands that this online catalogue supports. It literally allows you to virtually walk through the product line of retailers.


The most difficult part of shopping is having to go from one shop to another to look for the perfect item to buy. With just a few searches and a few clicks, you get to access different catalogue shopping websites. You also don’t have to carry around so many items with you, as when you buy through catalogues, items will be delivered to your home. It’s simple and comfortable. The convenience delivered by shopping via credit catalogues is almost unparalleled. Imagine how relaxing it is not to worry about the shop closing up or dealing with long lines at the cashier? yes, it is true as you are in the comfort of your home. You can actually shop any time of day or night without having to worry. More importantly, by just adding the products to your cart and checking out, you already completed the purchase without much hassle.


Sometimes, when you shop through UK shopping credit catalogue, you get to purchase items at a discounted price. Some shopping websites have promotions, offers, discounts, and sales.

However, when buying clothes from UK catalogue websites, you have to be as accurate as possible when it comes to sizes and measurements, as you cannot try the clothes on before buying them.

You can guarantee more affordable prices by shopping via credit catalogues, because online direct home shopping works by eliminating the middleman, so the price of the products become relatively lower. In fact, because online shopping catalogues normally come with promo codes, the already lower price can become more affordable with the corresponding discount associated with the promo codes/discount codes/voucher codes.

Normally, a customer can claim a discount between 10% to 80% on purchases made with one promo code. Keep in mind that promo/discount/voucher codes can only be used with one specific purchase only and are covered by corresponding terms and conditions.

Global access

What I like about online direct home shopping is that the customer can reaches shops all over the world and do everything from the comfort of his home in front of a computer connected to the Internet. This means regardless where the product is physically located, as long as it is listed on your online shopping catalogues, it will reach your door. This is probably one of the best reasons why you should subscribe to online shopping catalogues as it actually transcends boundaries and turns the Internet into one big shop.

Save on fuel

Since online shopping via credit catalogues allow you to make purchases on the Internet from the comfort of your home, you save on expensive petrol/diesel costs. Normally when you go to traditional shops you have to contend with traffic to and from the place, but not eith credit catalogues.

You also may take some time before you find a suitable parking space especially if a sale is offered for products. All of these are translated to additional fuel costs simply to get a pair of jeans of a blouse. Now you realize how practical credit catalogues are.

Virtual assistance any time all the time

Majority of online direct home shopping websites provide round the clock assistance to customers using a number of facilities like an online knowledge base, live operators, and e-mail among others.

Sometimes motes are posted on the website to inform customers of price adjustments or new delivery options for example. Basically, you will always find assistance when buying products from online shopping catalogues.

Get information ahead of time

Online shopping catalogues companies like N Brown PLC & Shop Direct inform new and existing customers (including potential customers) of new products that will hit the market via the website. This means that you get the jump on everyone else on the latest items from name brands being supported.

Moreover, online shopping catalogues are also used to announce when special offers and promos will be introduced. Keep in mind that online direct home shopping websites have almost year-round sales unlike those in offline shops which are seasonal.

No fuss delivery

Bought huge furniture pieces from an online direct home shopping website? No problem, they will deliver it to your home within a reasonable time. If you buy the same type of furniture from a traditional retailer, you may face the problem of how to get it home or pay exorbitant delivery charges.

If you will look at all these benefits you will see that they are all favorable to the customer. Now, Are There Any Benefits To The Manufacturers Aside From Increasing Their Sales? Essentially, for manufacturers, the main benefit delivered by online shopping via credit catalogues is that they are able to reach more potential customers at relatively lower cost.

Credit Catalogue Payment Methods


BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later)

Buy now pay later credit catalogue options can be different. This is according to their period limits. However, the main idea of them is the same no matter the type of catalogue. An online store offering this BNPL payment option means that you can buy whatever you want today and you can pay its cost at a later date. The price of items is what determines the time period you are allowed to pay back what you owe within it.

For instance, if you want to buy a t-shirt for £50, you’ll probably have a short period of only 3 months to pay for the t-shirt. But if you were buying a laptop for £1000, you can qualify for a longer payment period. Which in for some credit catalogues can be up to a full 3 years!

Which stores offer to buy now pay later payment option?

There are many credit catalogues and stores that allow you buy on credit. But most of these catalogues would rather offer A Spread The Cost Payment Plan as there are only a handful of credit catalogues that actually offer the BNPL.

It’s essential to mention that most likely those retailers who offer you to Buy Now Pay Later payment option will not have the best credit acceptance rates. So in case you are an individual with a bad credit score you should consider another payment method.

Spread the cost with Credit Catalogues

A brief explanation of spreading the cost over monthly or weekly payment is:

A credit catalogue or a store that offers you to spread the cost payment option for your purchases will give you two or three options. Whether to pay monthly installments, to pay weekly installments or pay for your purchases fortnightly. In all of these options, the total price of the purchased items will be divided into smaller installments over a specific period. The cost of the items you bought will usually determine the period allowed to pay for those items.

The monthly installment payment option is the most popular plan for credit catalogues. And it is, for anyone, the best way to pay especially the people who can’t save large amounts of money for their expensive shopping needs. So, to sum this up, this payment plan of spread the cost means the ability to pay back in smaller sums of money. This way of payment will hardly have any noticeable effects on your monthly bank statements.

Summary of Online Credit Catalogues

Without a doubt, online shopping credit catalogues have played a vital role in revolutionizing the entire online shopping experience. In the same manner, it has infused renewed energy in e-commerce through direct communication with product manufacturers.

The entire process of buying products on the Internet has been relatively easier by credit catalogues. In fact, buyers, traders, and sellers have effectively found a common ground where it’s an easy way to display, buy and sell almost any consumer goods. All of this with relatively cheaper cost when comparing to physical shops.

Basically, online credit catalogues can distribute goods directly from the website of the online direct home shopping company or via a mailing list. And sending them to the inbox of the customer’s email address. Viewing online credit catalogues has also been extremely easy and often with an added incentive for the prospective buyer or customer.

Usually, all the information that you will need to be associated with the products or services that you need to buy will be available in online shopping via credit catalogues. The possibility of inaccurate or out-dated information is likewise minimal since sellers normally want customers to get the correct data.


Final Advice Before Shopping Via Credit Catalogue

1st came the mail order shopping, but now the  internet made it much easier, especially with the dominance of online catalogue shopping. Go ahead and enjoy the experience.

Website marketing and home shopping via credit catalogues has become a very competitive trade. A lot of companies offer their online shoppers discounts and coupons. It’s possible to even buy designer products and gadgets. You also view the latest products available. Shopping in this manner isn’t only fun but very convenient. There is certainly plenty of choices to select from.

For the greatest deals, make sure that you view as many credit catalogues as possible. Execute a price comparison and check out for any discounts. Most companies also provide you an alternative to join up with them. And you’ll be among the first individuals to know when they have services.

When you buy products from online shops via credit catalogues you can be certain that they will handle your requests with optimum care regardless of its size. This means that it will reach your door in pristine condition.

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