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Epic journey

Lead the four heroes in Bravely Default II on their legendary quest to save the land of Excillant. Young sailor Seth, runaway princess Gloria, travelling scholar Elvis and tough mercenary Adelle are brought together to gather four mysterious crystals and save the realm. You’ll travel five kingdoms and turn the whimsical bunch into true Heroes of Light.

Brave and default tactics

Bravely Default II follows the classic JRPG turn-based combat formula, but with a new twist. You can go all out with devastating attacks at the expense of future turns, or save up energy with default attacks and bring out the ultimate combos later. This twist will test your tactical ingeniousness, especially during tough boss battles.

By collecting Asterisks across the land you’ll unlock new job classes for you heroes. It’s up to you to create the perfect party to save the world.

NINTENDO SWITCH Bravely Default II, RPG, Minimum age: 12+, Single player

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